Taking Care of Yourself is Taking Care of Your Family!


National Women’s Health Week runs all this week and is a great opportunity to remind all of us moms that one of the very most important things that we can for to ensure the well-being of our families is to take care of ourselves! After all, if you are sick, who is going to fill […]

Brighten Your Smile With Reach & Giveaway


I received this product for the purposes of this review and giveaway. All opinions are my own. Oral care is very important and we are always on the search for the newest and greatest toothpaste. They have some that claim to prevent cavities and some that claim to whiten your teeth. All of these things […]

Zapi Luxe Toothbrush Sanitizer Review & Giveaway


I received this product for the purposes of this review. Opinions are my own. I brush my teeth regularly and when I am finished brushing I put it back in the drawer and forget about it until I need to use it again.  I put it in a drawer because I read somewhere that polluted […]

Firefly Ready GO Brush


I received this item for review purposes. All opinions are my own. I love to see my daughter smile but I sure don’t like to see her dirty teeth! It seems unless I sit there with a timer she never brushes her teeth as long as she should. It’s very frustrating and dangerous for her […]