4 Sexist Things From My Childhood That Bothered Me

JCole and two of her girls - hockey

Last week, actor and very cool Hollywood mama, Alyssa Milano, shared a post on her Pinterest about me. That was very cool of her and I was absolutely delighted. Funny how the mind works, because that Pinterest share got me thinking about my childhood and the sexist things that I noticed and bothered me as […]

Lessons From a Hockey Mom


Another season is wrapping up and it appears our family has survived a winter with six kids in hockey. More importantly, the parents have survived six kids in hockey. I thought it would be worth sharing a few lessons I’ve learned in my prestigious role as a hockey mom. Train them to be independent. Never […]

Advice For My Thirteen Year Old Girls


Two of my real life daughters are ages 13 and 14. Out of respect for their privacy, I couldn’t possibly talk about their entrance into teenage-hood. Mabel, however, is another daughter who is on the cusp of turning 13-years-old. When I checked in with the sweet girl, she gave me the go-ahead to publicly share […]

Are You Friends With the Parents From Your Kids’ School?


Just a few school moms enjoying a quiet night out. When you’re raising school-aged children, it’s pretty easy to make friends with other parents. I’ve spent many years enjoying the friendships I’ve made simply because my kiddos made friends at school and those kids have nice parents. We have gone on holidays with these families, […]

Talking to Your Kids About Death


My In-laws with their grandchildren – one week before the children had to say good-bye to their grandfather. This week I was on the Parenting Panel at Canada AM chatting about how to discuss death and dying with kids. There is no question, this topic is a tough one for parents. It’s loaded with potentially […]

To Grandma on her 100th Birthday

Grandma's 100th Birthday

There’s no question, I’m pretty lucky to still have a grandma. This particular Grandma is pretty special for a few reasons. She was one of 21 children born in Ireland to her entrepreneurial parents. Grandma went on to have many children herself – she had babies in the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s. She often […]

Teen Trends: Who Knew?


We recently went on a family ski trip that involved very little skiing. Mother Nature has not been well behaved, so we had no snow and conditions were not even cold enough for the snow-making machines to do their thing. So, we spent our ski trip doing a lot of alternative activities – bowling, walking, […]

What Does a Mom of Six Put Under the Tree?


As a mom of six kids, my gift-giving has to be pretty creative. Last year I did a little round up of what was going to be under the tree for each of mine. This year I’ve had a few interesting requests, along with a few typical ones. My 10-year-old has requested a gymnastic mat, […]

The Starbucks Controversy and Other Holiday Debates


“Image via Starbucks” ‘Tis the Season… for holiday controversies. And these are the biggest I have seen so far: The ‘Starbucks Hates Christmas’ controversy: In case you have been living under a rock and have not heard about this, let me break it down for you: Starbucks puts out their holiday mugs. They are red. […]