Can You Be Too Old for Trick-or-Treating?


Halloween is upon us and one of the common complaints you hear about this holiday is that some trick-or-treaters are too old to be knocking on doors looking for goodies. To this, I say: Get over it. I have to admit, I have a long history of being afraid of teenagers. They have opinions, sometimes […]

4 Photos Every Mother Needs


A Gorgeous Headshot I have to have up to date headshots because of the work I do. When I recently posted a couple on Facebook, the feedback was amazing. It occurred to me that many moms probably don’t have a nice picture of themselves. So, book a professional make-up artist and hairstylist and go for […]

Disability or Not: Why You Don’t Want to Raise a Spoiled Kid


My cousin has two little girls, both with unique needs. One was born with spina bfida and because she uses a wheelchair, has a visible disability. The other daughter has a special need that’s not visible – Type 1 Diabetes. So, in other words, my cousin is a very busy mother! This past weekend, she […]

3 Ways to Prepare for the First Day of School

First Day of School

First Day of School Starting school for the very first time. It’s an exciting, busy time. Sure, the summer’s slowed-down pace coupled with not having to pack school lunches makes July & August pure joy. But for me, after eight weeks, I welcome the opportunity to outsource six children for six hours a day. However, […]

Helping your Teen Transition to High School

First Day of High School

The first day of high school can be a flurry of emotions for your kids. New school. New experiences. And new freedom to gain. It’s both exciting and frightening. If you have a teen with first-day jitters at home, here are a few ways you can help them prepare for a smooth start to school. […]

The Sleeping Patterns of Latter Born Children

Fin and Ozzy

Why go to a human bed when you can sleep on a dog bed. We all remember bringing home that first baby and making sure the entire house and anyone in it was perfectly silent as the baby slept. We put notes on the front door telling people not to knock, we turned phone ringers […]

Kids Ear Piercing – For or Against?


I discovered yet another parenting “hot button” topic this week. In the past, I’ve been sucked into every controversial parenting topic possible. We’ve all beaten a dead horse talking about our stance on different types of vaccinations, circumcision, breastfeeding – the list goes on and on. And now, the hot topic de jour is ear […]

Struggling with Bed-Wetting


I was recently invited to an event hosted by the folks from GoodNites to have a bigger conversation around bed-wetting. It’s actually a topic that really interests me because I had a kid who really struggled with this – and I mean well into puberty. No matter what strategies we tried, we’d get at least […]