Conference Sponsorship & Ambassadorships

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I would love to represent family friendly brands at a conference and/or work together on a long term basis.

I like to work closely with the brands we represent on Parent Palace and go above and beyond to learn everything I possibly can so I can tell everyone just why I love them and answer their questions. Because of this I’m happy to represent and be the face of your company at various conferences and events. I’d love to introduce your brand and products to the vast array of women and men whom I meet online, in daily life and at conferences and events.

Through brand ambassadorship you will have me on retainer to share my insights, answer questions and post regularly about your products, brand or service.

 Reasons to sponsor me or have me as your brand ambassador:

  1. Sponsoring me will connect you to my readers and peers. You’ll also be exposed to other bloggers who I network and interact with on a regular basis.
  2. Your company will be mentioned using specific conference #hashtags while I’m attending. This will open up the exposure to your brand even more as Twitter and Facebook are key resources for conference attendees.
  3. I will be able to answer questions and promote your products wherever I am and let everyone know why your product is right for them.

Conferences and Events I’ve Attended:

  • CES (January 2012)
  • Reviewers Retreat (June 2012 )
  • BlogHer (August 2012)
  • CES (January 2013 – pending)


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