Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Toddlers

separation anxiety in toddlers

Separation anxiety is an extremely worrying and frightening experience for any child coming to grips with being left without their parents for the first time. When you think of it from the point of view of a child, they have no idea if you’re going to come back. They feel abandoned, hence the anxiousness and […]

The Toddler Years

toddler years

My daughter Zoey has officially entered her ‘terrible twos’, although she’s only a hair over fifteen months. It started basically when she learned to crawl—not walk, mind you, it only intensified when she learned to walk. But when she started crawling—and got her first real taste of freedom in the form of mobility, she started […]

Ten Steps to Kindergarten Readiness

Ten Steps to Kindergarten Readiness

Today’s competitive academic environment is stressful for children and parents—and it begins in kindergarten! Some schools administer a kindergarten readiness assessment to help teachers plan for a child’s educational and developmental needs. Keep in mind that children develop in different ways at different times. Some children may be very strong in some areas and weaker […]