Mean Girls: Sexist Stereotype or Reality?


We’ve all heard the term “mean girls.” It refers to the notion that tween and teen girls are exclusively and irrationally mean to one another. A notion so popular that it was made into a movie, which was so popular they followed it up with the sequel, Mean girls 2. Personally, I find the term […]

Benefit of Boy Scouts of America – Adventure!

About Boy Scouts

As a Mom, of two boys who were in the Boy Scouts and as someone who once (upon a long time ago) was in the Girl Scouts, I can’t encourage other parents enough to get involved with these organizations whenever they can. I feel strongly that today’s children are at such a disadvantage to generations past […] – Changing Mindsets One Situation at a Time!

Give Forward Review

A 15-year-old, autistic student of Bay High School, located in Bay Village, Ohio was the victim or a horrendous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that was merely just a rotten prank. Instead of the bucket being filled with ice-water, it was instead filled with human waste. In an attempt to find out the teenagers responsible for […]

When One Parent Travels … A Lot.

6 kids in NB

For the last 2.5 years, Daddy-o has been a FIFO (Fly In, Fly Out) Father. His current client requires that he be onsite during the week so as such, he arrives home on Friday nights, then leaves again on Sunday evenings. I have not written about it because I was advised not to go public […]

What you CAN say to a parent of a child with Autism.


There are often discussions about what NOT to say to parents about their children with autism. I wrote about it myself – how some innocent questions and comments can actually be painful for a mama raising a child with autism. Although well meaning, some comments have the opposite of the intended effect. But please say […]

Turn Back the Tide – Let’s Stop Kid Bullying Now!

Galvanized Souls Photo from YouTube

One of the awesome things about being part of Parent is that we get to see and hear about all kinds of products, promotions, events, and so much more.  Sometimes we also hear about situations that we’d like to lend our support to or assistance with. As parents, we know the damaging effects that […]

100 Gardens for 100 Schools


I was recently told about a great fund raising effort that I would like to share with you. 100 Gardens for 100 Schools. They are raising funds to help educate students about their food source during their formative years in elementary school. Studies have shown that teaching children how to grow their own food will make […]