5 Tips For Kids And Teens Who Want To Invest In Stock

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  As my daughter gets ready to wrap up her junior year of high school, I often worry about how she is going to do when she is required to “adult”.  We just had a conversation this morning about how to replace the Social Security card she lost, and while it’s hard to not swoop […]

Teaching Kids the Financial Facts of Life

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It’s no secret that if you are a regular reader of Parent Palace, financial literacy is a topic that is extremely important to us! I really believe that children should be educated about money BEFORE they get themselves into trouble, which is why we are happy that Take Charge America is offering us some tips […]

Think About Your Kids’ Eyes in Eye Exam Awareness Month!

Little girl reading eye-chart at pediatrician office

This post was sponsored by Think About Your Eyes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own. If your house is anything like mine, you are in full back to school mode!  That means shopping, meal planning and a whole host activities that go with heading back to […]

Water Safety Tips from Nationwide & Make Safe Happen

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. All opinions are 100% mine. Are you enjoying your summertime? We sure are! While the snow gets us down a good part of the year, summer time in Western NY is a beautiful time to be outside having fun with […]

8 Things Your Kids Need to Know About Money

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Parents with young children often ask themselves what their child needs to know about money and how to teach that to them. First, you don’t have to tell your kids “Money is important.” Once they connect money to food, shelter and how many presents they get, they will get that point. Next time they are […]

Parental Tips on Caring for Your Kids While Recovering From an Injury

Senior woman with crutches getting help of physiotherapist at gym

Parents are super humans… right? Well, at least that’s what our children think. So when we fall ill or get seriously injured, it can wreak havoc on the entire household. Aside from routines being thrown out the window, recovering from a serious injury can take a toll on everyone physically and psychologically. If you’re having […]

Talking to Your Kids About Death


My In-laws with their grandchildren – one week before the children had to say good-bye to their grandfather. This week I was on the Parenting Panel at Canada AM chatting about how to discuss death and dying with kids. There is no question, this topic is a tough one for parents. It’s loaded with potentially […]

Tech Gadgets + Apps that are Beneficial for Your Child

Serious elementary learner using touchpad

The jury is still out on whether parents should push kids to play with tech as toys. In fact, no major study has found conclusive results in support of either the luddite or gadget fanatic views. But the fact remains that we live in a high-tech world, and raising tech-savvy children just makes sense. Technology […]

The Santa List – Managing Expectations


It’s that time of year where kiddo’s wish lists seem to grow and grow and grow. What are your kids expecting from Santa, parents, grandparents and other relatives? What can we do to manage these lists so that they are reasonable and affordable? How can gift giving fit with family values without leaving the little […]