Trying to Conceive: A Ray of Hope


For me, getting pregnant is like flapping my arms really really fast and flying; no matter how hard I flap and how much I want to it just doesn’t happen. For the past 4 years I’ve been flapping those arms as hard and fast as I possibly can, but I always end up with the […]

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost


One possible alternative to adoption is surrogacy. Surrogacy occurs when a woman agrees to bear a child for someone else who will serve as a parent for the child. The surrogate, or the woman who will bear the child, is not pregnant during the time a surrogacy agreement is reached. A common question is “How […]

How to Cope When You Have Problems Conceiving


If you are having problems conceiving, you are not alone. Many women, who have spent years trying to avoid pregnancy, find it incredibly frustrating when they decide to have a baby and are not able to conceive right away. In fact less than one third of the couples who have decided to have a child […]

Infertility – Accepting the Unacceptable

As I approach on 30, I also enter the years where pregnancy is more high risk and harder to achieve. For the past 3 years I have been hoping, trying, praying and yearning to get pregnant with no luck. I have been heartbroken and battled with depression due to infertility. Of all of the hardships […]