Karen Kane Review

Karen Kane Top

This time last year you would most likely find me lounging in my pajama’s or heading out in whatever I grabbed from my closet. I had no sense of fashion whatsoever. Now I’m playing catch-up and loving it! I never realized how fun it could be to keep up with fashions and dress up. I […]

iDerma Review & Giving it Away


I’ve talked a bit about my skin problems in the past, and how I’m always on the lookout for something that will help. I found the perfect makeup to cover my red splotches, but I’ve always wanted them to go away period. I may have just found the solution to making them disappear for good […]

Nicole Lee Review: Love Them!


I’m not your typical girly girl, I don’t go crazy over frilly dresses or expensive shoes. I don’t always put on make-up before I leave my house and there are times I’ll go shopping in my pj’s. There is ONE thing that I have in common with stereotypical hypes on women and that’s my LOVE […]

Cilea™ Eyelash Growth Stimulator Review


I’m not sure about other women, but I really miss my eyelashes. When I was younger I never had to use mascara because I had a full, thick set of beautiful lashes. Now even using mascara they are ho-hum at best. When I was told I would be able to review Cilea™ Eyelash Growth Stimulator […]

The Backside: When You Don’t Want to Carry a Purse


I’m the kind of person who hates carrying a purse. If I don’t absolutely have to, I won’t. That’s why I’m so glad I discovered the Backside. Have you seen one? The Backside is such a creative idea. Backside is a little pocket that sticks to the back of your phone. The pocket is the […]

Exfoliating Minerals – Review

skin care

As women, we can spend 100’s of dollars on facial cleaners trying to find the right one.  I think in the last year alone I have probably tried about 7 different cleansers trying to find one that worked for my skin.  I have fairly normal skin, but I can get very dry and flaky in […]

Mamas Got a Pair of Heely’s


When Heely’s came out in 2000 they looked so cool, but I thought I was way too old for them (19 at the time). Even though I secretly drooled over them, I never attempted to get a pair. My sons been a Heely nut since a little after walking, and I will admit I was […]

Scandle Body Lotion Candle Review


I was given the opportunity recently to review a scrumptious candle that becomes a lotion. I received a travel tin Scandle Shimmering Body Candle in a Pumpkin Spice scent. This is a really great candle even if it were just a candle but it is so much more! The Scandle Body Candle is an all natural candle […]

Pur Minerals is my Dream Come True

After Pur Minerals

I have a disturbingly uneven complexion, I have scarlet red cheeks and blotches everywhere. I’ve spent the majority of my life since 13 searching for the perfect foundation that would hide the mess and still look natural. That search went on and on for over a decade, I’ve come across a few foundations that worked […]