Easy & Tasty Alpha-Bits Fruit Parfait

Healthy Snacks for Kids

This is a sponsored post which is part of a campaign for Alpha-Bits and Sverve. All opinions and tastings are my own. My daughter loves the great taste of Alpha-Bits cereal and I love that she is eating healthy. Alpha-Bits has added nutrients like iron and zinc that help support healthy brain development and an […]

Alpha-Bits Cereal Bar Recipe

Easy Recipes for Kids

 This is a sponsored post which is part of a campaign for Alpha-Bits and Sverve. All opinions and tastings are my own.  Alpha-Bits cereal is a must have for every kid because it is not only tasty but so much fun to play with! Who doesn’t want to play with their cereal and move the […]

Easy, Delicious Mug Cake Recipes

Mug Cake Recipes

I had the opportunity to read a fun cookbook recently, titled 5-Minute Mug Cakes by Jennifer Lee. We were delighted to be offered the opportunity to review this unique cookbook for you!  I have enjoyed trying out these mug cake recipes. So I am sure you are wondering, “What in the world is a Mug Cake!” […]

#McCormickBakeSale Double Chocolate Chunk Raspberry Cream Filled Sandwich Cookie

Double Chocolate Chunk Raspberry Cream Filled Sandwich Cookie

This post is inspired by the variety of McCormick products I received as part of the #McCormickBakeSale Campaign through the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. All thoughts are my own. Update: The winning Virtual Bake Sale Team was Team #6 with 1,086 combined repins. The winners are: Amy from http://amysfinerthings.com/, Emily from http://www.isthisreallymylife.com/, Holly from http://phemomenon.com/, Jennifer from http://www.doubledutymommy.com/, Kristyn […]

Easy No Bake Cheesecake


Howdy. It’s me, Jen. Wife and mom of three, baker, blogger, public speaker, self-help nut, and superhero. I’ve been posting recipes for cookies, desserts, and snacks for three years now. You’d think I’d have the process down pat by now. But no. Ever have one of those days? You know what I mean. One of those days when you’re behind […]

Superbowl Desserts with #CoolWhipFrosting #cbias

Superbowl Desserts with Cool Whip Frosting

Will you hate me if I admit I don’t watch the Superbowl for the football? Please don’t, but it’s true! There are only 2 reasons I care about the Superbowl: the awesome commercials and entertaining friends and family. I don’t get football – the different plays, rules, penalties – all I know is when a team makes […]

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries {Almost} Guilt Free

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

It’s only just recently occurred to me that Valentine’s Day is way too close to New Years. Everyone who has made a resolution to lose weight is faced with candy and sweets during every shopping trip. Candy is one of the most popular Valentine’s Day Gifts; this is insane! Today I made an amazing treat […]

Orange Cake with Clementines

Leftover Clementine Cake

Have you ever bought produce in bulk because it was an “unbeatable price”? John did that this month with eight 5 pound boxes of Clementines. While I could go the rest of my life without eating any more, we still have 4 pounds left and I don’t want them to go to waste. None of […]

Incredible Peppermint Mocha Chocolate Truffles

Peppermint Mocha Chocolate Truffles

My absolute favorite thing about winter is the abundance of Peppermint flavored food & beverages. I love all things peppermint, so when I realized I could make these Peppermint Mocha Chocolate Truffles at home I was super excited.  Who would have thought these delicious truffles could be made using coffee creamer? Certainly not me! This was […]

Braided Christmas Wreath with Cream Cheese Glaze

Christmas Braid with Cream Cheese Glaze

What’s your favorite part of the holiday season? Do you love the presents – giving and receiving? Do you enjoy the time spent with family and friends? Do you look forward to those delicious treats that only come around at the holidays? Most likely it’s all the above, that’s my answer too. My family has […]