CoverMate Stretch to Fit Food Covers


I received these items for the purposes of this review. Opinions are my own. I lose the lids to all of my storage containers and have no idea where they go. It’s like the phenomenon of losing socks in the dryer. I put all of the lids in the same cabinet where I put the […]

Ozeri 12″ Green Earth Frying Pan


I received this product for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own. I love to cook but I hate to wash dishes! This creates a problem because to cook in my kitchen I have to clean up the mess when I am done. My least favorite dishes to clean are pots and pans. […]

BUILT Kitchen Accessories Review

BUILT Color Options

What it Is I received the following items for the purpose of this review. Opinions are my own. BUILT kitchen accessories are stain resistant, hand washable and drip dry. They are available at as well as national retail locations range. Prices range from $4.99 – $19.99 and available options are: Oven mitts Extra long oven mitts […]

RSVP Intl Products Review

RSVP Intl Products Review

What it Is I received the following products from RSVP for review purposes. Opinions are my own. Black and White Marble Herb and Salt Bowls The Black and White Herb and Salt bowls may be used to hold up to 1 oz. of all your salts, spices, and herbs. They can be used on the table or in the […]

Making Homemade Pizza with Dexas

Homemade Pizza

I absolutely love being in the kitchen but there are times it can be a little boring. Especially when it comes to prep work. My son is actually helping out in the kitchen now but a lot of the work still falls on me. We received a bunch of goodies from Dexas that has definitely […]

Corn-N-Tater Bag Review


Quite frankly, this is a product I wasn’t aware of but became intrigued when I first heard of it.  A Corn-N-Tater Bag.  Well, I received this cute little bag and proceeded to make my entire dinner with it in under ten minutes!!  Now that is great news for a busy mom. You can see the […]

T-fal: Quality Cookware

T-fall Minis

When it comes to cookware I’m a recovering hoarder. I spent a lot of time “collecting” pots and pans and keeping them long after their time to retire. The amount of space these took up was insane, and I haven’t told you the worst part. These were the cheapest pots and pans I could get […]

Get Kids Cooking with Jo!e

Jo!e Shop Products

Jo!e Review When kids are young, I’m talking toddler years young, you can’t get them out of the kitchen for anything. They’re right there beside you wanting to help, but not quite old/tall enough to do much.  Once they’re old/tall enough to reach the counter though, they’re only in there to grab a snack or […]