St. Patrick’s Day Kid Crafts

Ribbet Edit

Do you know St. Patrick’s Day is the oldest and proudest Irish tradition? Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Even if you aren’t Irish, you too can celebrate. Have you yet planned anything this Saint Patrick’s Day? If not, you need to know there are many fun and exciting things, you can do with your […]

A Floor that makes “Cents”?

Penny 5

About a dozen years ago, my siblings talked me into buying a cottage with them. It has worked out great – we share the cost and the work among the four of us, and the property gets a lot of use! On the rare occasion we’re all there at the same time, it makes for […]

How To Child Proof Your Entire Home

How to Child Proof Home

Having little ones is an exciting adventure!  They are so curious and interested in everything.  However, that can lead to their exploration of areas and objects that you don’t want them to touch!  There are several areas that you want to make sure to protect.  Here are some simple steps to do this. Covering Electrical […]