7 #DIY Home Projects – Make Your House a Home

Make Your House a Home Series

Moving into a new home can be an overwhelming and/or rejuvenating feeling. On the one hand there’s the packing, unpacking, arranging and rearranging and on the other there’s the idea of making it into your dream home. We just moved into our new house and while we’ve been here for a week already I still […]

Living Room Makeover Guide

Living Room Makeover with Parent Palace

For many people the living room is the common ground in a home. The thing is when you spend so much time in one space you can get bored with it quick. Sometimes all you need is to get rid of some things, buy a few things and/or do a little cleaning. It doesn’t take […]

A Girl’s Guide for Old Fashioned Living in the Big City

country style blinds

How does the country mouse acclimate herself to city life? Sometimes, a country gal can’t help but end up in the big city. With all the noise, traffic and people it’s hard to relax one’s mind – especially when you’re used to throngs of crickets and prairie as far as the eye can see. How […]

5 Great Tips for Building a Nursery

nursing chair

There is never a more exciting time than becoming parents. It is full of discovery, overwhelming emotions and ultimately a love that is unrivaled. Congratulations on entering the next chapter of your lives. However, as with all new experiences, there are a whole new host of challenges that arise that can be confusing. One such […]

Home Decorating: Kid Friendly Decor

Wee Forest Folk

If you are interested in decorating your home interior using kid friendly decor, here are some pointers to meet this goal. It isn’t necessary to make major changes in the way your home would be normally decorated. Slight changes are the name of the game in this type of decor. You shouldn’t feel as though you need to […]

Home Inspiration: Brighten a Living room

Living Room home Inspiration

I’ve been cursed with a small living room. Even worse our living room is surrounded by hideous wood paneling and ugly utility carpeting. John loves both (typical man, right?!) hence the reason we bought this house. While looking for ideas on how to improve our living room I happened upon this room and was instantly […]

Kickrest Review


The Kickrest is honestly not something I would ever purchase.  I am frugal and would find such an item frivolous.  Even when it arrived my husband sort of chuckled at me because he had not yet tried the product.  BUT since I was so blessed to receive one to review I am happily kicking back and […]

Make Your Home Comfortable This Holiday Season

Make Your Home Comfortable

Make Your Home Comfortable With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to tidy up the home and get ready for the whirlwind of holiday parties, dinners and guests that will be coming in and out of your home. This wonderful time of the year brings much job to hospitable homeowners as they get […]

15 DIY Fall Decor Tips

15 DIY Fall Projects

As the air gains that familiar chill and the leaves begin to change, adjusting your home to fit the season can seem like an overwhelming chore. Using these 15 DIY Fall Decor Tips will make making the switch easy and fun.      Fabrics  Throw pillows are an easy and affordable way to add a hint of […]

Creating A Kid Friendly Home

Kid Friendly Home

Making your home kid friendly might automatically produce the images of zip ties on the cupboard doors, baby gates, and plastic protectors on the outlets, which should be used in any house that has children for safety reasons. But ‘kid friendly’ can mean so much more. It means turning your entire home into a friendly, […]