Happy Space: Decorating a Creative Room for Your Child

Little girl making card for her mom with her grandmother near by

Your child’s room isn’t solely for playing. There are a lot of creative tasks that they’ll try to tackle such as homework and art projects. If you’re trying to foster a creative environment where they can grow and prosper, you need to find ways where you can unleash their creativity with the following inspirational advice. […]

5 Tips to Add Personality to a Tween’s Bedroom

5 Tips to Add Personality to a Tween's Bedroom

Tweens have a personality and style of their own. It can be hard to turn a tween’s bedroom into something they love. After all it was once a nursery, turned into a little boys/girls room, and now it’s time to turn it into a tween’s space that they will love. How can you accomplish this […]

How to Create a Transitional Children’s Room

How to Create a Transitional Children's Room

When you’re ready to decorate your child’s nursery or room, it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the fun, colorful and cute products available for babies and children. I’m not saying to avoid decorating altogether, I’m just advising against spending thousands of dollars on elements of your child’s room that will only be age-appropriate […]

5 Tips to Keep Your Children’s Bedroom Clean


Our Children’s Bedroom can often resemble a war zone, a circus of toys, clothes and knick-knacks that can be an eye sore and a hazard. One minute it can be a pristine clean and cute little room, a few minutes later it is a pit of fire from hell! So how do we get our young […]

Toddler Bed vs. Twin bed – Which is best!?

You have decided to make the crib/bed transition, Hooray! So do you get a toddler bed, or go right to a twin bed? I think it has to do with whether or not you can fit another bed into your budget. My #1 answer to parents is to buy the conversion kit for your crib […]