Family Movie Fun with The Croods

The Croods Prize Package

Have you heard of the new family movie, The Croods?   If you haven’t, you must be living under a rock (hehe, get it?), because even we have heard of this one!  My oldest daughter has been showing us previews on the computer for over a week – she was in love with it before she […]

Do You Need a Toy Nanny?


Have you heard of the blanket training yet?  This is where you train your baby and toddler to stay on a blanket for a short 15-20 minute time period.  I first saw it utilized during an episode of the Duggars, but I have never tried it myself.  I always babywear my little ones in public […]

Take ’em Outside: go-pod

Go-Pod from KidCo

One thing my babies have always enjoyed it playing outside.  Little ones really enjoy being outside and experiencing new things.  If you think life inside the home is big and interesting to a wee one, take them outside and see watch their amazement!  Generally, mine will hang out outside until they are tired or need […]

Vinci Tablet Review


Ding! Ding! Round 1: Vinci Tablet Last January we purchased tablets for my husband and oldest son.  My oldest, Jonathan has always been exceptional with electronics.  It is like he himself is hardwired as well.  At a very early age he was fixing computers and doing amazing things with them.  Because of this ability, we thought […]

My Daughters Will Always ‘Be Mine’

Be Mine Sweethearts Pendant

This Valentine’s Day I am asking my girls if they will always “Be Mine”. Of course, they offer me simple answers of “I will always be yours mommy”, but I know they may not always feel this way.  Soon their teenage years will take over them.  We will end up on the backside of their […]

Littlest PetShop: Little Pets, Big Adventures!

Littlest Petshop DVD

Released this past week was the The Littlest PetShop’s first DVD. To be honest, I wasn’t even aware there was a series for Littlest PetShop until I saw this. We really appreciate it when they put a popular new series on a DVD for those who don’t have cable or satellite television in their home. […]

A Girl for All Time: Matilda Your Tudor Girl

A Girl For All Time

  Matilda Your Tudor Girl Doll Recommended by A Girl for All Time for girls ages 6+ ‘My name is Matilda Marchmont.’ ‘Two days ago I would have said that I had the most boring life in the world, but ALL THAT HAS CHANGED.  The day after my thirteenth birthday I left my sleepy country […]

Chuggington Die-Cast Railway

Chugginton Die Cast

Trains are EVERYWHERE, but how do you know which one to get?  There are so many options available these days to go with the many shows that are out there involving trains. My two year old, Jagger, adores them all.  He runs around and makes train noises – “choo choo” is a common sound around […]

Malmark Holiday Bells


I still remember the first time I held the bells. I couldn’t get over how much heavier they felt in my hands than I had imagined.  Something so small, with so much weight really surprised me as a child.  With my kids being homeschooled I worry that they will miss out on important memories like […]

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey & Donald Have a Farm


I just received a copy of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey & Donald Have a Farm, released on December 11th! Jagger was so happy to see it arrive that he took off with it and immediately asked his big brother to turn it on for him! He LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and knows all of their […]