14 of Our Best Real Simple Recipes Ever: Voted By You


There is nothing as exciting as having a home cooked meal. You get to try out different ingredients and get creative in the kitchen. We have put together 14 simple recipes that our readers fell in love with. We’ve rounded up our most-popular main dishes, sides and salads — here’s what you want to eat […]

Once You Become a Mom, You Will Never Do These Things

Once You Become a Mom, You Will Never Do These Things

Once upon a time, you had extra money on you, your house was well organized and you had all the peace and tranquility. Then somewhere down the line, you got pregnant and you were robbed things that you loved most; alcohol, hotdogs and sushi. You might have got some of those things back but along […]

Planning to Have a Baby? 10 Annoying Things about Kids


Are you thinking about having a baby? Well, great for you! Just know that you can’t compare having a pet to having a kid. If you are one of those folks who think getting a puppy will prepare you for the demands of raising a child, think again because the task is much harder. There […]

Hilarious Valentine’s Day Quotes

funny valentine 11

I know Valentine’s Day is near and we are all looking for amazing messages to send to our special one. Well, I have gathered some amazing and hilarious quotes from around the internet that you can send to your loved ones. Valentine’s Day is for not only engaged or married people, it’s also a day for […]

What You Need To Know This Valentine’s Day

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Do you have any plans this Valentine‘s Day? Is it a time of the year that you fear or enjoy? Valentine’s Day is a loving and fun day for many people. Today am going to share with you some of the best wisdom you can get no matter your status in your relationship. Take your […]

OurPact App: The Ultimate Mobile Guidance For Your Family

OurPact App

  Is your kid a lover of smartphones? Do you struggle to get your phone back once they get hold of it? Are you worried what your kids browse on the net? Nowadays, there are different types of Smartphones being introduced in the market and it’s hard to keep your kids off from them once […]

10 Christmas Crafts for Adults to Make

10 Christmas Crafts for Adults to Make

Just like kids, adults get excited during Christmas. Becoming an adult does not mean giving up your love for the holidays. More than ever, we love engaging ourselves in Christmas activities such as making crafts and watching holiday movies.Personally, I have to admit my love for “Elf” movie is more than I did when I […]