A Greener Paper Towel

Bambooee Roll

Creating a healthier environment is important, and I know that most of us are still looking for a way to do our parts.  From light bulbs to no waste lunch boxes and bags, we’re all finding a way to help out. I was asked to review Bambooee, Reusable paper towels.  These paper towels can be […]

An Easier Way to Get Everyone to Eat Breakfast!


Are you looking for a meal replacement shake, but can’t find one that tastes great, along with all the nutrients you body needs, plus fills you up?  Look no farther. I was asked to review Kate Farms Komplete Ultimate Shakes. These shakes are completely vegan, and include twenty-one superfoods to keep you going all day […]

Bed of Nails Review: Stress Relief and Relaxation at Home

bed of nails

My back has always bothered me. I have been a frequent visitor to many chiropractors, and cannot even tell you how many time stress has gotten the better of me and caused me to throw out my back. My mom has been to an acupuncturist and swears that it is the answer to all my back troubles. […]

5 Must-Have Accessories for Winter

5 Must-Have Accessories for Winter

Winter in the North East is probably my least favorite season. Yes, I love looking at the snow, but after a few days, the novelty wears off and I am left feeling cold, drab, and unmotivated to get dressed up. There are a few accessories that I like to wear with my standard jeans and […]

Pop-Up Pantry: A Fancy Restaurant Dinner Right at Home

Pop-Up Pantry

Jay and I love to eat out. Honestly, it is probably one of my all time favorite ways to relax, unwind, and spend some quality time with family and friends. But since I have developed a soy allergy, I have really been discouraged eating out.  Believe me, I’ve tried to eat out locally — only […]

Just Be YOU

Just Be YOU

Your clothes can say a lot about you. They can show people what your favorite band is, your favorite show, your favorite color …. well, you get the point! They can also show your attitude. So why not show what you think/feel/who you are through a fun and comfy tee-shirt? Just Be has a unique […]

5 Great Stocking Stuffer for Kids


Christmas is just a few short days away (where has December gone?!) and while I am just about done with my main holiday shopping, I still have to pick up some stocking stuffers for the kids. I try to stay away from getting them too much candy, and I really like to find some fun […]

Staying Warm While It Is Oh So Cold Out

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 7_opt

Living in upstate NY, cold winters are expected. These past few have been brutal – with tons of ice, super cold winds, snow, and temperatures way down in the single digits. Because of this, I love to layer. I always wear two shirts and I am never that far from my sweatshirt or sweater. Plus […]

Enjoying the Birds All Year Long

sweet seed_opt

Living in upstate NY, we have long, cold winters. While I am not a huge fan of winter, there are a few things that I do love about it. I like to look at the snow (but not drive in it), and play in it with the kids, I love watching the leaves turn colors […]

Giving “Playing with Your Food” a Whole New Meaning

Look at these cute people!!

My kids love to play with their food. To the point that it occasionally gets them in trouble. I try to satisfy the urge to play with peas, mashed potatoes and fun shaped cookies through hand on play — with pretend plastic food and homemade salt dough. But when I saw Yummy Dough I knew […]