David’s World: A Picture Book about Living with Autism

The population of people who has autism is growing! Sometime in your life and your child’s life you will both know someone who has Autism. Autism is a tough disability to grasp and understand. It’s hard for adults to fully understand let alone a child. Dagmar H. Mueller explains Autism in a way that a […]

Dan is Not Scary by Melissa DiGenova

dan is not scary

  Special needs children always have a special place in my heart. I had a minor learning disability in school, so I spent some time in a resource room. Resource room is where children with all sorts of disabilities go to get a help. I saw kids with disabilities get made fun of for things that they […]

Christmas Mouse by Amy Novesky

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Guess what? It’s 19 days until Christmas. Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet?  If not, I have an idea for you. It’s Paper Hat Press, Christmas Mouse by Amy Novesky.   “Not a creature is stirring…except for a mouse” We have always heard it as “It’s the night before Christmas, Not a creature […]

Along Came You by Karona Drummond

Zoey and Carly are my precious two little girls. Sometimes I think I can’t tell them enough how much I love them and how much they mean to me. Zoey is four and Carly is one. Believe it or not they both love books. So when I found Along Came You I knew it was a […]

Fed Up with Frenzy Slow Parenting in a Fast-Moving World


My son started kindergarten this year, my daughter started home based preschool, my husband coaches just about every sport out there for high school/ junior-high students to do, and lastly my youngest started walking.  My son is in football and my oldest daughter is in tumbling.  Can you imagine how hectic my life is? Sometimes I have to wonder […]

When You Say “Thank You,” Mean It!


Sit still! Cross your legs! Remember to say please and THANK YOU! These are all things that I remember my mothering telling me. I use to hate hearing those things over and over. I use to swear I would never be like that when I was a mother. Well now that I am a mother […]

Joi the Koi Gets a New Home

joi the koi gets a new home

I always love it when you can teach your children important facts about life and make it fun at the same time. My daughter loves reading. Well she’s three, so she loves being read too!   I was very excited to read her Joi the Koi Gets a New Home by Devon Anthony and illustrated by Gwen […]