Tech Gadgets + Apps that are Beneficial for Your Child

Serious elementary learner using touchpad

The jury is still out on whether parents should push kids to play with tech as toys. In fact, no major study has found conclusive results in support of either the luddite or gadget fanatic views. But the fact remains that we live in a high-tech world, and raising tech-savvy children just makes sense. Technology […]

Chic Buds – Perfect Addition to Back to School Gear

Chic Buds for School

With Back to School a reality now, I definitely need ways to glam up my school supplies and tech gadgets and that is why the earbuds by Chic Buds are perfect! These earbuds come in many different colors and designs which will help to make a statement in the school halls. Aside from school, you […]

Unusual gifts for someone special


If you’re looking for an unusual gift for someone in your family who’s impossible to buy for, time to think outside the box a bit and go for an experiential gift. Giving an experience as a gift is a great way to surprise someone who doesn’t feel they need anything material or who is just […]

Cleaning with Essential Oils: Three Easy Recipes

I am totally hooked on essential oils. I also love making my own cleaning products. Cleaning with essential oils is a great way to make cleaning more effective and more enjoyable. I love to experiment with different scents in different rooms. I will usually have a “scent theme” for each room, so I don’t end […]

Wondershare Video Editor Review

video editor

I have edited some video clips recorded during the family picnic this year. I always thought that video editing is a daunting task until one of my friends recommended the Wondershare Video Editor. This user-friendly video editing software lets me seamlessly stitch all of my video clips, text and music together. I love the special […]

How to make the most of family holiday


When you’re planning for a family holiday and you have young kids, it can be hard to remember that holidays are meant to be fun and relaxing – for everyone. And that includes you! If you wear yourself out trying to cover off every possible eventuality, the chances are you won’t be recharging in the […]

Using Ordinary Objects for Not So Ordinary Things

6 great ways to store items (unexpectedly)

 About Kathy Kathy is the editor of Up to Date Interiors and when is not blogging, spends most of her time being a mom and Marine Corps wife, teaching piano lessons, or delving deep into DIY projects and interior decorating. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 6 great ways to store items (unexpectedly)