Black Friday Survival Tips

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The holidays are upon us, y’all.  If you haven’t even started Christmas shopping (like me), I won’t horrify you with how few weekends are left before Santa makes his big arrival.  The holidays can be a stressful (and expensive!) time of the year, and for many people, that really begins on the biggest shopping day of the year – Black Friday.  So we’ve created a guide for surviving the madnesss.

Take Stock of What You Really Need.   The last few years, because my girls are older (18 and 13), we have departed (both a little sad and a little happy) the Santa years, and really focus on giving gifts that (a) we really NEED – like clothes, things for dorm rooms, etc., or experiences that we can do together.  We went through a period where we really downsized our physical belongings, and while it can be tempting to go crazy over the holidays (especially for you parents who are split up – don’t try to compete!), don’t over do it.  If you are Black Friday shopping for yourself, make sure you aren’t overextending your budget just because something is on sale.  Really consider giving gifts that can be EXPERIENCED – did you know that Groupon has Black Friday deals? I use Groupon ALL the time for finding fun activities for my family at a discount.  Groupon is a MUST-DO on Black Friday for me, primarily because I can get amazing deals on experiences fun for the whole family.  

Make a List. Try to start your Black Friday shopping by making a list.  List things that you and the peeps on your gift-giving list might really NEED. This will help you stay focused throughout Black Friday.  I remember one year I went to Toys R’ Us and got sucked in to huge crowds throwing things into their cart and ended up getting (a) some insanely good deals and (b) WAY too much stuff. Making a list can help you from having major financial regrets when your credit card statement comes in January.  

Shop Online.  If you haven’t discovered the magic of Black Friday shopping online, you need to give it a shot.  Where I live in Buffalo, going Black Friday shopping in-store means standing outside in line in usually frigid weather, and battling huge crowds to maybe get what it is you are looking for. Seriously, just try it online – the savings in stress is worth its weight in gold.  You may never go back to in-store Black Friday shopping.  


Make a Plan. My best strategy for getting the best deals is to scout each retailer I might be shopping at before the big day.  Then, I prioritize which website I need to hit first so I can make sure to get the deals I need most!  Again, Groupon is a MUST stop for me because I can get things that my family can do together, as well as a little self-care (hellllloooo, spa deals!).  You can start looking now on Slickdeals to see all of the amazing Groupon Black Friday deals that will be available!  I use Slickdeals all year round to get the best coupon codes for online shopping, and Black Friday is no exception!

What’s on your shopping list this year?  How do you beat the stress of the holiday season (besides shopping online!)?  Let us know in the comments.  






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