Purina® Pro Plan® SAVOR® Is Right for ALL Our Pets!

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In my home, our animals are a part of our family, but it can be a challenge to manage the many (and changing!) needs of our pets.  We have three pets in our home, all with diverse challenges and needs.  Sox is our aging 15 year old cat, Sunny is our middle aged 9 year old rescue dog, and Ollie is our 4 year old hyper, silly King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.  I would love to say that we could get them all together for a photo, but that would be like, well, herding cats.  


Keeping track of these guys and keeping a sane household can be a challenge on some days! An example- one day a few months ago, after a particularly long day at work, I got home and was greeted by…no dogs, and a smell that could only mean one thing – that one of the dogs (in this case, Ollie) was sick and had accidents ALL over the house.  I won’t go into details so you aren’t traumatized, but after several hundred dollars of vet bills and medications for Ollie, the end result that what worked best for getting his tummy back on track was probiotics.  

If you use probiotics yourself, or select foods such as yogurt with active cultures, you know the positive effects that they can have on your own gut.  As someone who uses probiotics to support my own digestive health, I wanted to find a way to support the health of ALL of the animals in my home without running all over the place looking for the right pet foods.

That’s why I was super excited to learn about Purina® Pro Plan® SAVOR® with probiotics.  If you haven’t used them or heard about them yet, probiotics are live microorganisms that, when consumed in adequate amounts, have a health benefit to your pet by helping to support digestive and immune health – and Purina® Pro Plan® SAVOR® has guaranteed live probiotics to support your pets’ digestive and immune health.

The BEST part is that I can make one stop for both my dogs AND my cat.  Pet Supplies Plus is AWESOME in that it has everything I need, including specialty items, for all my pets in a super convenient location, right on my way home from work. 


The best part about shopping at Pet Supplies Plus is that it’s really easy to find what you need.  I was able to find Purina® Pro Plan® SAVOR® for both my dogs AND my cat really easily – dogs in Aisle 1, and cats in Aisle 8! Plus, Purina® makes it easy to find their pet foods that contains probiotics -there is a blue corner that says it right on the package! So make sure to look for the guaranteed live probiotics burst and/or language on the packaging to make sure you are selecting a formula that contains the probiotics.


We love shopping at Pet Supplies Plus, because honestly, it’s fun! When we go on the weekend, we like to take our dogs with us because they enjoy the outing and they don’t have to wait in the car.  Even when we don’t have our dogs with us, chances are we’re going to get to pet some cute pooches while we are there, and pick up fun toys and other things that our dogs will love!


 I’m really glad that Pet Supplies Plus is carrying both foods I need.  We tried Purina® Pro Plan® SAVOR® Shredded Adult Dog Food in Chicken and Rice for our dogs – but there are 14 dry formulas with guaranteed live probiotics to support your dog’s digestive health, so you are sure to find a formula and flavor that your dog will love.  Purina® also uses real high-quality poultry, meat or fish as the number one ingredient in their dry formulas, so I feel confident that my dogs are getting good nutrition.  


And the other great thing about Purina® Pro Plan® SAVOR® is that I knew that my dogs would love the taste – Purina® has over 70 formulas that deliver advanced nutrition and outstanding taste.  Ollie couldn’t even wait for it to get out of the bag!


For Sox, we tried the Purina® Pro Plan® SAVOR® Shredded Blend Adult Cat Food in Chicken in Rice.  At 15, Sox is a VERY picky eater and rather set in his ways, so we weren’t sure how he was going to go for a new flavor, but he loves it! Purina® has advanced nutrition that Sox needs to help him live a healthy, active life even as he ages, and there are 5 dry formulas with guaranteed live probiotics to support your cat’s digestive health.  And just like their dog food, real protein is the #1 ingredient in all Purina® dry formulas.


Ready to try Purina® Pro Plan® SAVOR® with your pets? Here’s the best part!  Our readers can save through this $10 back offer on Purina® Pro Plan® SAVOR® with probiotics.  Don’t wait and check out this link to learn more about this offer, which is only valid through 3/31/19!  That’s on top of the already awesome savings you get by shopping at Pet Supplies Plus – I saved $6! 


Do you use probiotics in your food, or in your pets’ food?  Let us know in the comments how you keep your pets healthy and happy!

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