Kaspersky Helping to Keep You Safe

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kaspersky Lab for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.


Internet security is something that is super important.  I know this from personal experience – sometimes it’s something that we don’t (but should!) be thinking about before something bad happens.  When I was in law school, I had a REALLY bad experience.  I got a virus/was hacked and it basically led to my computer shutting down and me losing ALL of the class notes and work I had completed that semester.  It was one of the WORST panics I have ever had.  

You would think, after experiencing something like that, that I would be more diligent, but I still haven’t been the greatest – it seems like a lot of security products slow down my system, are complicated, or don’t have all the features I want to help both protect and monitor my children’s internet activities.  That was until I was introduced to Kaspersky Lab’s suite of internet protection products.  Kaspersky is THE WORLD’S MOST AWARDED PROTECTION, and after having given them a try, I can understand why.  Kaspersky Total Security  protects your family while they are online.  Not only does it protect your computer against virus and malware, it has a ton of other features to help keep your family safe.  But first, I want to talk about how EASY Kaspersky is to use.  I had it up and running on my Mac in about 5 minutes!  You simply download the correct version, and it installs FAST! 


You click one button to install, and then enter the product key and you are up and running! No multiple steps or fussing – five minutes and you are protected! 


Once I got Kaspersky Total Security  installed on my computer, I was able to explore some of the features.  I LOVE the parental control feature as right now my kids have pretty much unfettered access to my Mac, so I can set them up profiles and control their access through the Parental Control portal.  


I also love the “Money” feature that protects your credit card and banking information when you bank and shop online.   All in a quick, easy to set up and easy to use interface.  I’m a huge fan! Kaspersky Lab also has other products that will meet pretty much any of your computer security needs. 

For those of my mom business owners out there, Kaspersky Small Office Security (which also installs in under 10 minutes), provides the world’s most tested and most awarded security to computers, files services, and your mobile devices, and protects from ransomware, financial fraud, and other online attacks.  Plus, you can security store and sync your passwords with Kaspersky Password Manager – hello, no more forgetting all those passwords! 

Kaspersky Security Cloud is also pretty cool – it uses adaptive technology to seamlessly protect you as you move throughout your day across different accounts.  I love that this has instant notification of devices joining your home Wi-Fi.  We live on somewhat of a main street and I’m pretty sure our internet is slowed down quite a bit from people trying to jump on our Wi-Fi!   


Finally, Kaspersky products are really affordable.  I tried the Total Security package, and I can protect five devices for 1 year for only $49.99, and there are a lot of different options based on how long and for how many devices you want to purchase your protection for.   I HIGHLY recommend Kaspersky Lab security products, especially the Total Security product!  I know it’s going to be keeping my family safe and secure online!   Check them out and let me know how you keep your family safe on the internet in the comments below!  

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