Celebrating Every Dog With Milk-Bone

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This post was sponsored by Milk-Bone® as part of a Two-Post Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

It’s nothing new to say our two dogs, Sunny and Oliver, are a big part of our family. No matter how crazy or ridiculous they act, they will always have a place in our home and hearts. Sunny is a few years older than Ollie and can normally be found lounging on the couch or snoring loudly in her crate. Ollie is pretty high energy, always running around, playing with his stuffies or following me or one of the girls around the house while we work. They are inseparable and get a little anxious when they have to separate for a little while (even if one if getting in the car first for the vet’s office).

Ollie and Sunny are complete cuddle-bugs, whether they’re laying at my feet on the couch, snuggling together under a blanket, or laying with my youngest daughter on the recliner. On long car rides, Ollie especially love to try and climb from the backseat into the front, climbing in to the passenger’s lap. He loves to stand on my oldest’s lap and peering out the window or using her arms as a headrest. 


While they keep each other company during the day while we are at work or school, they are always standing by the door as soon as they hear the car pull into the driveway. Ollie stands with his nose touching the door and tries to wiggle through as soon as he sees a sliver of light. He’ll bounce between myself and the girls until he feels he has said hello enough. He often tries to jump up and lick our hands, licking our legs if he doesn’t manage to reach far enogh. He is usually followed closely by Sunny, who abandons her regular couch potato duties to greet everyone, tail wagging crazily. 

The dogs will start to miss us, even if we are only gone for a few minutes. If one of the girls or Sunny runs upstairs for a minute, Ollie will wait anxiously, feet perched on the first step, whining. Once they come into view at the top of the stairs, he usually jumps up and down or spins around while yipping excitedly. On our recent road trip to a horse show, my oldest daughter stopped and got out to gas up the car. Immediately Ollie stood on the car arm rest and stared out the window at her. His tail wagged excitedly and kept looking out at her and licking the window until she got back in.  

 How fun is that gif of my Ollie’s little waggy bottom as he waits for my daughter??  Milk-Bone® Gifmaker allows you to upload short videos of their pooch and create you own customized GIF to show the world how much more your dogs are. All it takes it choosing a word to describe your dog, selecting a short video and finalizing it! The Milk-Bone® Gifmaker is such a fun and easy way to show off your cute videos and celebrate how your dogs are so much more than just pets. It really is a great way to showcase your cute furry family members! 

Ollie and Sunny are make our lives so much brighter and so much more fun. I couldn’t imagine coming home without my furbabies waiting at the door or keeping  me company when I work from home. Dogs are such amazing and loyal creatures and really can make everything in the world a little brighter. The beautiful thing is that no dogs are the same. They all bring joy into our lives in their own unique ways. We aren’t the only ones who feel this way. The people at Milk-Bone understand how important our dogs are to our lives and make sure that every dog, no matter size, breed, or personality, is celebrated. The care they put into their dog treats and the celebration of our furry friends really shows us that Milk-Bone cares. After all, they are so much more than just pets!


 How are your dogs “more”?  Let us know in the comments, and make sure to share your the gif you create with the Milk-Bone® Gifmaker!





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