How to Get Your Kids Away from Their Devices

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Cute little boy in colorful checkered shirt sitting on the sand and taking picture with smart phone using selfie stick

A common concern for parents today is that our children are spending far too much time glued to tablets, phones, and other screens. They’re missing out on all the fun that comes with being young, having adventures, and playing with toys. Gone are the days where 10-year-olds still enjoyed dolls and puzzles. Now, kids as young as three and four are spending hours sat playing video games and watching videos online.

Find Fun Toys

Kids are overexposed to technology and it takes very entertaining toys to distract them and hold their attention. So, when it comes to Christmas and birthday shopping, try to find creative and fun toys that will keep them interested. Great options are toys that encourage them to use their imagination, toys that allow them to create things, and toys and games that in some way let them copy what adults do. Chef toys for kids is a perfect example of how kids can pretend to prepare food, ranging from sushi to ice cream! Maya Toys allows kids to create one of a kind dishes, using measuring cups, spatulas, and food molds. Toys of this nature make cooking a fun and interactive activity for kids to engage in.

Get Outdoors

Get away from temptation (leave your phone at home too!) and get outdoors. Head to the park, out for a walk or to play soccer or baseball. Spend some time exploring, getting some fresh air and a little exercise. Not being around screens is a brilliant way to remind the kids that they don’t need one to have a good time.

Encourage Classes

Kids love learning new things. Encouraging them to try lessons such as swimming, martial arts, and gymnastics or dance is an excellent way to help them to keep fit, boost their confidence and teach them some new skills. It can also teach them to respect authority and contribute to improving their performance at school.

Use Your Imagination

Kids have fantastic imaginations. It’s one of the things that is most affected by being stuck behind a screen. As we get older, we stop using our imaginations so much. Those days where kids can leap head first into a world of make-believe, tacking dinosaurs, traveling to outer space or going on a bear hunt, don’t last for long. It’s part of the magic and beauty of childhood and something adults find much harder.

However, if you are struggling to get your child away from their screens and are being met with a lot of resistance when you suggest doing different things, it’s time to let your own imagination run wild. Entice them to play by creating a make-believe world they have to be a part of.

While it’s great for kids to have tablets and devices, as they offer them new ways to learn and a greater chance to explore their creativity, it’s important that they don’t grow up too fast. They’ve got their whole lives to stare at screens, but precious few years to simply enjoy being a child and everything that comes with it. So, make sure you take the time to remind them.

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