How Cujo is Protecting My Family

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It’s a different world than when I grew up.  I had a computer once I got to high school, but it was mainly for typing up school papers.  The “internet” just wasn’t a thing yet, and when we did get it, it was AOL and slows as heck.  Now, my kids have MULTIPLE devices that connect to the internet at blazing fast speeds.  Not to mention my smart TV, our laptops, our video gaming systems, and heck, even my printer! 

While our lives are definitely more connected, there is definitely a security price that is to be paid by all of this connectivity.  I have been shut down by a virus more than once, and my kids are the WORST at knowing when to click on something and when not to.

That’s where CUJO comes in. CUJO is not a big vicious dog from a horror novel, but it as protective as a guard dog! Cujo is a smart firewall that brings business-level security to home networks. 


There are a lot of cool features I want to tell you about, but I want to start with installation.  I am not good AT ALL with anything tech related.  I was able to get CUJO out of the box and sort of hooked up, but couldn’t get it working.  But here’s how AWESOME CUJO’s customer service is – I didn’t even have to call! They could see that it wasn’t working, and THEY CALLED ME.  How cool is that??? About 20 minutes on the phone with tech support and they had me up and running.

So what can CUJO do for your family?  Well, basically, it secures all devices that connects to your WiFi router. CUJO blocks and detects malicious sites, viruses, and hacks, which is great when you have click happy kiddos!  


Here you can start to see my devices start to pop up on the CUJO app – and this continuously updates as new devices log into your Wifi.  Then, it acts like a guard dog for all of those devices! You can see here that almost as soon as I started using CUJO, it started blocking malicious sites! It basically works like an antivirus for every device connected to your network.  


The other cool thing about CUJO is that it allows you to have parental controls over the internet in your home.  I have my kids set up in separate “profiles”, and then I can assign their devices to those profile.  If one of my kids is having too much device time, I can shut off the internet to all of their devices with one click of a button.  I can set also set time limits, which is great to set daily parameters.


I can also block specific types of website through the profiles.  This is my youngest daughter’s “profile” so you can see the type of sites I have blocked for her.  I could see me using this for my older daughter as well to block Instagram while she is doing her homework!


I have been using CUJO for a couple weeks now, and I just love it! I haven’t had it interfere with my internet speed, access, anything.  It’s like the perfect watchdog for my family’s internet use! If you want to try CUJO, I highly recommend it!  You can pick it up at your nearest Best Buy!



  1. says

    I have to take a look at this CUJO we paid a lot for the Norton protection they are good anti virus but its pricey. I like the idea of parental control on certain websites great if you have kids,

  2. says

    I have not heard of this before, thanks for letting me know about it. I am all for having better online safety, and something that is not complicated for me to set up is really nice.

  3. Michelle Cantu says

    I need CUJO, we have 3 kids who are on the internet at home. We have a designated area where we all spend time that I only let them use for internet time. It’s still not fool proof, but this would be an extra sense of safety for my family.

  4. Dogvills says

    I am already convinced that I will get a Cujo for our home. I will call my sister and suggest she gets one too. She’s got two kids, both in their tweens!

  5. says

    The cujo sounds like such a game changer for tech reliant families like mine. I never really thought about how our electronic information could be hacked…will definitely look into getting a cujo for my family.

  6. says

    I love my CUJO it has some of the best features, the parental controls are great and the fact that it can help multiple devices at once makes it perfect, thanks for the great information!

  7. says

    I’ve been seeing lots of reviews for CUJO and it looks like an awesome product. We have to be careful given our kids use the internet so much for school work, entertainment and I do worry about their safety while on the net. Love the parental controls feature.

  8. says

    I love this! I read yesterday about someone whose wi-fi was lagging and when she changed her password the neighbors were coming over asking for the password. She kicked off 19 devices. That’s crazy! It looks like cujo would protect against this, or at least alert you to when a new device logged in for you to verify. Parental controls are also a nice feature.

  9. says

    Seen this new cuju making the rounds on the internet as the new thing for protecting our families and computer. Sounds like something we should all invest in.

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