Six Common Health Complaints in Summer

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Many of us love the summer, but the sunny season does not always love us. As well as bringing plenty of sunshine, the summer can also create various troublesome health
conditions. We’ve compiled six of the most common health complaints that might affect your family in summer.  

Hay Fever

One of the most common health issues people experience in summertime is, of course, hay fever. Yet, just because you or your children have never experienced the seasonal allergy in the past, it doesn’t mean you won’t suffer from hay fever in the future. Seasonal allergies are often caused by a high pollen count combined with air pollution, a genetic predisposition or increased stress levels.

Most people often experience the health issue spontaneously and, as a result, may be unaware of the best treatment option for their needs. Visit CareNow to find out the best natural remedies for seasonal allergies.


High pollen levels not only increase your likelihood of experiencing seasonal allergies, but they also result in asthma issues. The high humidity and extensive time outdoors can cause breathing complaints, which is why people living with asthma must make sure their inhalers and medication are readily available. It’s also wise to remain indoors when the humidity or pollen count is high.

Heat-Related Health Issues

Many people experience heat-related health issues during summer, such as sunburn or heat stroke. Too much sun exposure is also more likely to affect an older individual’s health more than a younger person, as they may struggle to cope with the heat or recover from sunburn with age.

Try not to spend too much time outdoors during peak temperatures, and consume plenty of water throughout the day to prevent dehydration. Also, shield your skin from painful sunburn by wearing sunblock and a sun hat.

Food Poisoning

Hot, humid temperatures can cause bacteria to breed at a rapid rate, which is why food poisoning is a common health complaint during summertime. It’s essential to keep all perishable food refrigerated and be stricter will sell-by dates more than usual during warmer temperatures.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is more common in summer as ticks will flourish during the summer heat, and will cause a red or pink rash on a person’s body, as well as flu-like symptoms. Lyme disease can have significant health implications if left untreated, such as a swelling, muscle pain and even temporary or mild paralysis. There is, unfortunately, no vaccine for Lyme disease, but you can take preventative measures by wearing insect repellent and avoiding heavily wooded areas.


Many headache sufferers believe summer is the worst time of year for experiencing the problem. They can often be caused by spending too much time in the sunshine. It’s also believed that the heat may cause blood vessels in a person’s head to expand, resulting in them pressing against the nerve endings. Other causes of a summertime headache may also include dehydration or strenuous exercise during hot temperatures.

Do you regularly experience a summertime ailment? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.


  1. Lisa Queen says

    I have had hayfever and headaches all summer! A friend of mine has Lyme Disease. It’s terrible. Great post.

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