6 Benefits of Owning a Dog

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Dogs are man’s best friend. They’re cute, and they’re a lot of fun to be around. Read any dog blog and you will be exposed to a lot of information about dogs and what great pets they make. But there are a few other benefits that owning a dog can provide you and your entire family. Check out the six perks of dog ownership that you might not have already thought of below.

Dogs Can Actually Improve Your Health

Sure, you take your dog on walks and you may even take regular trips to the park so that you can run around for a bit and play fetch with your dog. But your canine companion can also help to improve your overall health in a variety of other important ways as well.

First off, your dog could help reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. That is according to the American Heart Association. Studies have even already shown that people who own dogs tend to showcase better heart health than those who do not. How can your dog manage to do this? Well, one of the reasons is that your dog entices you to stay active, to get outside, and to exercise. All of that can certainly contribute to improved heart health in the long run. But beyond that, dogs can also serve as a distraction from daily stresses, like family problems or work related conflicts.

In addition to reducing your stress level every day, your dog could also help to keep allergies at bay. Children who grow up with a dog even have a reduced risk of developing allergies, and they also show a decreased risk of developing upper respiratory infections, eczema, and hay fever. Plus, dogs could help to boost your immunity so that you can enjoy improved vitality and wellness.

Your Dog Might Be Able to Detect Illness

Another incredible fact about dogs is that they might be able to detect certain diseases when a person is ailing. Because canines have such a strong sense of smell, researchers have found that some can sniff out conditions like cancer and narcolepsy. Some can even detect when a person is about to have a seizure. And dogs have even been known to protect their owners when they realize that their human companions are not well.

Dogs Help You Embrace the Present Moment

Mindfulness teachers will always tell you about the importance of living in the moment. They say that, if you are living in the past, you are probably experiencing some level of depression, and if you are living in the future, you are likely feeling some level of anxiety. Living in the present helps you stay more positive. Dogs are creatures that are known for living in the present. They don’t seem to think about the past or fret about the future, so they can teach you a lot about being mindful, being aware, and being present. When you are stressed about something, or when your mind is off somewhere else, your dog can remind you that life is happening right here and now. That could be just what you need to feel better and to remember that every day is an opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Dogs Will Keep You Company

Dogs absolutely love being around their human families, provided, of course, that they are treated right and that they are not abused. So, if you treat your dog with love and kindness, you will get unconditional love and attention in return. This could be just what you need whenever you are feeling lonely. In fact, many people say that other humans will often let them down, but their dog will always be there to have their back, to listen to them when they talk (even if they can’t respond), and to remind them that they are not alone. People who go through a lot of breakups may find a constant companion in their canine, and individuals who move to a new place where they do not yet know anyone can have a friend at their side at all times if they move with their dog.

A Dog Could Help You Meet New People

Speaking of loneliness and isolation, your dog can help undo those as well by getting you out there and helping you meet other people. Heading over to the dog park to let your dog run around and play with other canines can also serve as a wonderful opportunity for you to meet like-minded people and fellow dog lovers with whom you can become great friends. Volunteering at a local animal shelter to help take care of dogs in need of homes is also another way that you can meet people who share your love for these four-legged friends. And if you are dating, who knows, you may be able to run into someone else who is walking their dog at the park and spark up a conversation about your canine companions. Who knows where it can lead?

Dogs Can Give You a Purpose

Are you struggling with having a purpose in life? Taking care of another living being could be just what you need to feel better. Your dog will rely on you, and the more love you give him, the more you will receive in return. If you do not have human children, you can treat your dog as you would any child, and he can be your fur baby. Pets truly do make great kids, as they really show their love for you and are not afraid of showering you with affection every day. This is why so many people are choosing to have fur babies these days.

These are just six of the many benefits that a dog can provide you, so why not introduce one into your family? With so many dogs of all ages, from puppies to seniors, looking for forever homes in shelters, check your local rescues and foster networks to find your furry friend.


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