Should I Get Travel Insurance?

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Young family enjoys their vacation on a bright sunny beach

It’s that time of year! Yup, vacation time! In between planning road trip packs, activities to keep our kids occupied on the plane, and all the things that go with planning a family vacation, there may be one thing that you haven’t thought of yet – travel insurance! has some considerations for us crazy busy parents to take into account on whether purchasing travel insurance is right for you and your family.

Kids Get Sick: It often seems as though germs know the absolute worst time to attack typically-healthy kids, usually before a big event—like a well-planned vacation. Travel insurance has you covered if you get sick or injured before you leave home. No one enjoys traveling while feeling under the weather, and with a sick kid, everyone suffers. Not a great way to start a vacation.

You’ve Saved All Year: Traveling with an extra person, or three, equates to higher costs. There is really no way around it. Many families save throughout the year to afford for the annual family vacation, and by purchasing travel insurance when the initial payment is made, families are given peace of mind that their investment is covered. If something does go wrong, either before or during your trip, they won’t lose their hard-earned time away.

Kids Are More Adventurous- aka Accident Prone: Many of us equate vacation with rest and relaxation.

But for kids, it’s all about recreation. Broken fingers, scraped knees, stomach flus and dehydration are all par for the course. But the cost of a visit to an emergency clinic, along with treatments and prescriptions, can set families back the cost of a first class ticket to Paris, or more. Travel insurance limits the financial burden of emergency medical coverage by helping cover the costs of those surprise medical emergencies while away.

Delays Take On A New Meaning: No longer is a flight delay simply another drink at the airport bar.  While no one wants to wait at the airport for hours on end, for families, any unexpected delay is a much more significant inconvenience.  For those with travel insurance, many plans cover any extra costs and incidentals they incur in the event of a delay- from food to hotel stays.

All That Stuff: Traveling with kids means more stuff to lug around- it seems to multiply when you aren’t looking. Travel insurance provides coverage for each traveler’s baggage and personal belongings, so if something does get lost, replacement items are covered, even in the short term.

Have you ever purchased and then needed travel insurance?  Tell us about it in the comments! makes shopping for travel insurance easy and affordable. It only takes a few minutes online to discover the right plan at the right price with the right protection for any trip. Typically, a comprehensive travel insurance plan will range from 4%-8% of the total trip costs. For more information, please visit


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