Safety Tips for Family Dog Walks

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If you are a regular reader here at Parent Palace, you know that I am a crazy-busy single working mom.  And what mom ISN’T busy, am I right? Taking care of my daughters and my two dogs takes up pretty much all the time I have outside of work, so I am ALWAYS looking for a way to give them the best care that I can while saving as much time as possible.  

One of the ways that I do this is through utilizing my Amazon Prime account to the fullest of its capabilities.  I live in a somewhat rural area, and it is at least a 20 minute drive to get anywhere for more than the most basic of provisions.  So I use Amazon quite a bit – whether its renting movies through my Roku, downloading books from my library, or using Prime Pantry to stock up on basics – Amazon and I are very good friends.  That’s why I was super excited to give Amazon Subscribe & Save a try for dog food.  Dog food is a HUGE pain when I’m by myself at the stores because the bags are so huge!

Amazon Subscribe & Save is great – I actually already used it for basics like pen refills, lightbulbs, and other things that I always forget to pick up at the store but use on a regular basis.  Dog food is a NATURAL fit for Amazon Subscribe & Save- the dogs always eat and NO MORE HEAVY BAGS or special trips to the pet store!!)

I wanted to try out Purina® ONE® SmartBlend True Instincts Real Salmon and Tuna, along with some Purina wet dog food, which I like to mix in as treat! I’m going to show you how easy it is and then you can try for yourself with this AWESOME offer from Amazon Subscribe & Save – you can get $5 off your first order!

Purina Amazon (1)

Signing up for Amazon Subscribe and Save is SO easy.  You start by navigating to the product that you want, and decide how often you want deliveries.  I decided to get Purina ONE SmartBlend every month, because my two dogs go through food pretty quickly.  

Amazon 1

Then, you just confirm your subscription, and go to the final screen to see how much you save. The REALLY cool part is in Step Four, when you can see how much your savings grow the more you subscribe!  If you only want to subscribe to one product, you save 5%, but if you subscribe for five products, you save up to 15%, which is AWESOME for products delivered right to your door.  


Amazon 2

Just a few days after I subscribed, I got my first order! This was SO convenient – it came quick and well packaged, and saved me at least an hour running to the store – AND I saved, which is pretty awesome! Amazon Subscribe & Save = less paying and more playing! And Sunny and Oliver LOVED Purina One! 

Purina collage

 I just LOVE spending time with my girls and my dogs, and Amazon Subscribe & Save helps me do that by giving us more time to play together as a family.  One of our favorite activities to do in the summer time is take walks, so we have some awesome tips for you for taking safe walks with your kids and pups!

 1.  Use equipment that is in good condition.  We use a harness with Sunny and Oliver so they can’t slip out.  Always inspect your leashes, collars, and harness so they are in good condition.  Even a well-behaved pet can bolt, and you don’t want your equipment breaking.


2. Protect your pooch’s paws.  When it’s extra hot outside, use dog booties to keep your pup’s feet safe from scorching sidewalks.

3.  Follow all traffic rules, and consider the age and abilities of both your pet and your child before letting them hold the leash.  Even though Sunny is bigger, she is much easier to walk and is better trained than Oliver, who can be a challenge.  So even though she’s bigger, my younger daughter can safely hold Sunny’s leash.  Just make sure that your child feels comfortable, and it’s always a good idea to keep close and remind your kids of safety rules, like looking before you cross the street.


4.  Wear reflective gear if walking after dark.  I don’t like to walk with our kids and dogs after dark – it’s harder to see sidewalks and it’s tough for other to see us, but if you are going to be out after dark, consider reflective vests and light up leashes.  


So that’s how we spend OUR time that we save using Amazon Subscribe & Save!  And it’s not just for dogs – there is Subscribe & Save for cats too!  What products can you find on Amazon to Subscribe & Save to, so you can pay less and play more?  



  1. Misty Nelson Dawn says

    What an awesome post perfect for the dog owners and I love their boots to prevent heat. I will share this with my dog lover friends

  2. says

    These are great tips! I agree that protecting their paws is important. In summer and winter the two extremes can hurt their little paws.

  3. Rebecca Swenor says

    Amazon Subscribe & Save sounds amazing for any pet owner. I would love to try this for my dogs foods. It can really save time with two easy steps and can indeed save money too. Thanks for sharing the savings as well as the tips for safely walking your dogs.

  4. says

    First off I have to say… LOVE the cute foot covers. They are so darling. Second what a great idea to have your dog food shipped to you via Amazon. If I didn’t have my husband with me I would have to order our dog food online because I can’t lift it either very well. It is great that so many things can be ordered via Amazon now.
    I also think that your walking tips for safety are great! It is important to be safe for yourself, your girls and your furry family members. Thank you for such a great and interesting post.

  5. Debra J Hawkins says

    Amazon subscribe and save is literally the best thing ever! I never run out of the things I need for humans or pups in our house!

  6. says

    Awww. The dog booties are super cute. It must really come in handy when it is hot, humid and disgusting out. I never used Amazon subscribe before but sounds like an interesting service to use.

  7. says

    I love Amazon’s Subscribe & Save! These are great safety tips! We don’t have dogs but we do (occasionally) dog sit. I love those little dog ‘shoes!’

  8. says

    We love walking our pups and having good quality leashes and harnesses is so important! I have to check out these savings, because my dogs eat Purina One!

  9. Jennifer G says

    These are great safety tips! I love the little socks! The sidewalk gets really hot in the summer but that doesn’t mean that you have to leave them inside as long as you find something to protect their feet. You’re right too, the quality of your equipment means a lot too.

  10. says

    My cats eat Purina One and my new puppy eats Purina Pro plan. After losing my last dog to a very well known brand of dog food, I won’t make a switch! Purina is a great pet food brand for sure.

  11. says

    Reflective clothing is so important. Just because you can see cars, doesn’t mean they can see you (or your pooch). It’s a great idea to have a reflective leash as well (or at least a leach attachment that is reflective.

  12. says

    The tip about protecting the paws is so true. I used to volunteer at an animal shelter, and many dogs that came in during the summer months had burnt paws. You use sunscreen on your body and shoes on your feet, but you have to think that ground that was too hot for you to walk on, is also too hot for your dog to walk on.

  13. Jennifer Van Huss says

    Great list! I think it is very important to be in control of your dog. Dogs will be dogs and they will lunge and try to pull you towards other people. You need to respect that some people don’t like dogs and avoid them from feeling uncomfortable!

  14. says

    SO many cute and necessary pet products! I use Subscribe and Save and it really does save me time AND money on products I need to reorder anyway. Love it!

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