Be a Food Smart Family with 4-H

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We have been a part of 4-H for years! My daughter started her horse showing experience with 4-H, and we have really enjoyed the family-friendly aspect to 4-H and how they really do promote healthy families! I will never forget my daughter’s first 4-H presentation – she was only 9 but it was an amazing experience to watch her develop a presentation, speak publicly, and even answer a judge’s questions – talk about intimidating for a 9 year old!

So it was no surprise to me when I heard about the really cool new program that 4-H has started, called Food Smart Families.  Food Smart Families is aimed to help engage young people to establish life long healthy habits.  And they are taking aim at some serious problems – nearly 16 million children are in homes that are food insecure, meaning that there is not consistent access to food throughout the year.  


400 youth are trained to be Teens as Teachers, who educate not only other youth, but also their own parents and families on how to plan, shop, and cook healthy meals on a budget! How cool is that! I love that this program is empowering teens to not only make a difference in their own lives (hello, life skills!), other youth, but their OWN family! We took some inspiration and my older daughter worked on teaching my younger daughter to make one of the healthy meals that she makes at home!


It’s been one of my goals to really empower my daughters to be able to have the skills that they need to cook healthy meals – especially with veggies like they made!


My teen is a great teacher for her younger sister, and that’s just what 4-H tries to accomplish through their Teens as Teachers Model – but it also has amazing results for the teens themselves! 90% of participants participating in the program think being active is fun, 89% encourage their families to eat meals together, and 86% choose fruit as a snack instead of unhealthier options.  Check out this video to see how Food Smart Families has effected one teen! It has had a positive effect on families too – 87% of participants say their families have purchased healthier food!


How do you teach your kids to be healthy like Food Smart Families does?  


  1. Katherine says

    I think tangential issue of those that fall into the category of the food insecure is that lack of access to fresh produce, which is cheaper than processed foods. There are countless neighborhoods that are considered food deserts, unfortunately.

  2. says

    I love the idea of a food smart families initiative. It’s so important to start as early as possible with healthier eating habits so you can carry those habits with you into adulthood.

  3. says

    Now this is a program that I could get behind! I love the idea of teens acting as advocates for their family’s health and dietary habits. More young people need to make a healthy lifestyle a priority.

  4. says

    4-H sounds like an amazing program. I love the sound of the Food Smart Families program. Introducing teens to healthy food is important!

  5. Rebecca Swenor says

    The 4-H programs are truly an amazing thing for children. I love the idea of this new Food Smart Families program. Eating healthy in today’s world is something we should all learn to do in my opinion. Thanks for sharing the information.

  6. Michele d says

    This is something that I started when my children were younger. Introducing them to new healthy foods is very important to me. Such a great reminder for parents with teens too!

  7. says

    I hope that a lot of kids get to participate because it’s a very nice way to teach them about surviving life. It’s a good program with a good purpose. I think it’s awesome and I hope we all have that where we live.

  8. says

    It’s a beautiful program to be part of. I love that you can teach the kids the skills that they can use in life once they grow up. It’s a much needed training especially with the kids today.

  9. says

    This is such a great program for teens. It’s so important to teach our kids to eat well so they can establish a healthy lifestyle when they’re young.

  10. says

    What an awesome program! I wish that they had something like this when I was growing up. I never learned about healthy eating until I was an adult and it made things very challenging!

  11. NYC Single Mom says

    I am pretty much lead by example by trying to making healthy meals. Now that my daughter is older and can prepare one meal a week, I always emphasize that she needs to make a salad or have fruit with the meal. Also my pediatrician does a pretty good job of reinforcing the eat healthy message.

  12. says

    This is such a fantastic programme! We don’t have anything in the UK like this – and it saddens me to realise how many families do not have food in their houses for their children when they need it. That’s heartbreaking. We teach our boys about food by growing their own fruit and vegetables – that helps as they realise how hard it actually is to do – and they love eating it too!

  13. says

    Creating a healthy lifestyle starts at home! I love the idea of 4-H, never heard of it until now, so thanks for sharing : )
    My kids I think are old enough to teach cooking skills now. I’ve already started educating my kids on healthy foods and gardening veggies and fruit, as well as organic vs non organic food items.

  14. says

    4-H was a highlight of my childhood. I loved learning things like cake decorating, shooting sports, ceramics and more. I fully support my local 4-H group and can’t wait to see what exciting things my kids learn as well.

  15. says

    I was a member and officer of my local 4-H Club when I was a teen and I loved every minute of it! The Food Smart Families is such a great idea and I love that 4-H is still going strong! I have such great memories of all the fun 4-H activities.

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