Cleveland Clinic Children’s Help Keep Kids Healthy

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Photo Credit: Russell Lee Photos

I bet if you were to ask many parents what their number one concern was as it relates to their kids, it would be their health and safety.  And from the minute your kids enter the world, doctors form a critical part of making sure that our kiddos stay healthy, whether it is from a common cold, to more serious things.  This is why Cleveland Clinic Children’s wants us moms to know that they are there for our kids, from birth through adulthood.

When you are a child, serious health conditions can be scary.  I remember when I was 15 years old, I was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect.  It turned out to be not too serious (one day I might need surgery), but I remember how frightened I was and how much my doctor helped me understand what was going on with my body.  And here in Western NY, if something like this were to happen to my child, I would be headed to Cleveland Clinic Children’s.  My daughters have watched their grandpa receive excellent care from Cleveland Clinic, and I know that they would feel comfortable there.

And they should!  Cleveland Clinic Children’s collaborates with the #1 Heart Program in the Nation to provide care for children.  Plus, they tailor their care for each child and their condition, from heart defects like mine to congenital heart disease, and use the latest technology and cutting edge research.  

In addition to their cardiac care services, Cleveland Clinic Children’s has more than 300 pediatric specialists who lead not only cardiac care for kids, but also neurological conditions, digestive diseases, and other conditions.  

Photo Credit: Russell Lee Photos

Photo Credit: Russell Lee Photos

So if you live in or around the northern Ohio area, and need medical care for your children, check out Cleveland Clinic Children’s or give them a call at 216.444.KIDS!
What do you to to help keep your kids healthy?