Tips for Spring Cleaning your Bathroom

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It’s that time of year!  The temperatures are rising, the snow is melting, and soon flowers are going to start popping up – yup – it’s springtime, and that means spring cleaning time!  For me, it’s actually one of my favorite times of year – time to get the house in order with a deep clean to start off my favorite seasons here in Western NY!

But spring cleaning can be a pain – I find it’s best to get yourself prepared, and then take chunks at a time.  So today, we are going to start in one of my least favorite rooms to deep clean in – the bathroom! Follow our tips to get your bathroom sparkling clean and ready for springtime!

1.  Stock up ahead of time on supplies.

          Don’t even begin to start cleaning until you have stocked up on the necessities for cleaning.  Put yourself a kit together that will make your cleaning job as easy and efficient as possible.  For me, this means an trip to Walmart to stock up on my favorite brands of cleaning products and bathroom supplies, including Viva®, Scott®, Cottonelle®! There’s nothing more frustrating than starting a job and not having the tools to finish, so stock up on your favorites at Walmart so you are ready to give your bathroom the deep clean it deserves!

springclean 2

2.   Sanitize Your Surfaces

      Part of spring cleaning your bathroom should be getting a really deep, sanitizing clean.  Start by washing your bathroom rugs, your shower curtains (you can put them in the washing machine) and disinfect your showerhead (soak in a vinegar solution overnight), which can harbor bacteria.  The same goes for around the base of your toilet.  I like using Viva® Vantage® paper towels, which have a scrubby texture, like a washcloth.  They are perfect for scrubbing fixtures and the countertops in your bathroom.  Plus, you can change them when you need to, but they are tough enough to stand up to the job – they are strong and durable like cloth!


3.  Organize as You Go

We suffer from a lack of bathroom space in our bathroom….which leads to messes.  Here’s the before shot…not pretty!!!


Because we have been using the little trap door as extra storage, the kids mess up the hand towels every time they need to grab more toilet paper, so it always looked messy.  Now, they can just move the bin which I used to store hand towels and washclothes, and the pile of towels, and they are all set.  Plus, I used a paper towel holder to stock some Cottonelle Clean Care!


Only Cottonelle® has CleanRipple Texture, which is designed to clean your bum better than the leading national value brand. Now, the kids can grab a roll without wrecking the bathroom!

4.  Clean up Stains

Stains in the bathroom always seem worse – so clean them up.  You can dip a toothbrush directly in bleach to clean stained grout (just open a window or properly ventilate).  Kill hardwater and soap stains by spraying all surfaces with an all purpose cleaner, and then steaming your bathroom with a very hot shower for about 15 minutes.  Then scrub!

5.  Stock up on Basics

Make sure you keep a nice stock of supplies – I like to use Viva® Towels on my sink, as they have a soft and smooth texture, like a t-shirt, but are still great for wiping down surfaces.   I also like to stock up on Scott® 1000 bathroom tissue, which gives me long-lasting value – which is perfect for my youngest who hasn’t quite caught on to how much toilet paper to use yet!  I also make sure to grab comfort items from my favorite brands at Walmart, like Cottonelle FreshCare and Scott Choose-A-Sheet paper towels!

SpringClean Collage

What spring cleaning tips do you have to help keep your bathroom sparkling?


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