Happy Space: Decorating a Creative Room for Your Child

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Little girl making card for her mom with her grandmother near by

Your child’s room isn’t solely for playing. There are a lot of creative tasks that they’ll try to tackle such as homework and art projects. If you’re trying to foster a creative environment where they can grow and prosper, you need to find ways where you can unleash their creativity with the following inspirational advice.

Keep it Open

Creativity can develop just about anywhere. However, if you have a larger space, it can help your child’s creativity to flourish. Your child’s home environment is also integral to their happiness. When you’re thinking about designing your kid’s room, you want to use their space wisely. Your child won’t be able to use their imagination to play or dance if you have boxes and toys littered about. If their room is small, find containers or toy chests that can fit in a closet or be stored underneath the bed.

Choose a Theme or Color

Whether your child has chosen a particular theme or they want to select a favorite color, there are so many kid’s room ideas to think about. If they favor a particular color, have them select something that will bring about peace and make them happy. If they enjoy science or astronomy, painting a mural that showcases a rocket ship blasting off to the moon may prepare them for an adventurous career. Whatever you decided, include them in the process.

Desk Space

If your child loves to paint, draw or write, they will need to the right amount of desk space to do so. You can encourage their creativity by setting up an easel with paints, markers, chalk and crayons. A desk with drawers will provide children who enjoy reading and writing the required space to use their minds. A desk lamp and overhead lighting prevents eyestrain and allows them sufficient brightness to see what they’re doing. As your child grows, the desk space can play host to their lap top and other electrical gadgets that can promote their creativity.

Creativity Wall

If your child has the means to create art work or writing displays, don’t relegate them to a drawer in their desk. You can display their creative masterpieces on a wall board in their room. A large chalk or writing board mounted on a wall with dry erasers can be a special place where they record their thoughts and ideas. It can also be a great place where they can play or draw with their friends. Once done with a picture, they can easily erase the portraits and start anew.

Give Them the Tools

In order for your child to be creative, they need the necessary tools. While you don’t have to spend a fortune on wall boards, easels and paints, you can still keep a healthy supply of paper, crayons, play dough and markers on hand. You also want them to be easily accessible to your child, so they can strike while the inclination to express themselves hits them.

Praise Their Accomplishments

Even the smallest of chalk drawings or theatrical musings can give your child the encouragement that they need to try other things. Starting your child off early on in life by promoting creativity may boost their intelligence. If your infant loves to play in the sand or mud, don’t put a stop to their playing. While they may look untidy, this form of play can be the start of their creativity. You can also praise their accomplishments by displaying their works of art around the home. Whether on the front of a refrigerator or displayed on shelving units in their room, they’re sure to beam with pride over their accomplishments.