Making Connections with New Lipton Teas

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If you’re around my daughter for any length of time, you’ll figure out pretty quick that she LOVES tea.  She collects tea cups and tea pots and you’re way more likely to find her sipping on a cup of hot tea than a soda.  I think it stems from her love of things English, but whatever it comes from, it’s here to stay.  

As a mom of a teenager, I’m always looking for ways to connect with her – and that means getting interested in the things that she is interested in.  I find that a sure fire way to get her talking is to a sit down with her over a pot of tea while she is working on her homework.  Sort of like traveling in the car, I think the distraction opens her up.  As a result, we are always looking for new teas to try –  so we were super excited to here that Lipton (one of our favorite tea brands) has new black and herbal varieties, as well as improved green teas!  We picked out a few different kinds to try – but the first that we wanted to drink was Amazingly Grey – because Earl Grey tea is already one of our favorites.  


But we also decided to try something new – we wanted to make a tea infused cupcake! So we picked up one of Lipton’s new herbal varieties, which use real ingredients with herbal tea blends designed to awaken your senses – we chose Lemon Ginger! Cooking with kids is such a great opportunity to connect.  This was a great night for my daughter and I – we brewed tea, and worked in the kitchen together after her little sister had gone to bed.  Making tea infused cupcakes is pretty easy – you just use a basic cupcake recipe, but instead of using plain milk, you steep a yummy flavored tea like Lipton’s Lemon Ginger herbal tea into the milk before you mix up your cupcakes.


My daughter is the tea expert, so she definitely handled this part of the task:


We topped off our Lipton’s Lemon Ginger cupcakes with a yummy homemade Honey Lemon Ginger buttercream – aren’t they pretty? That’s a little lemon zest on top for some color and texture.


There’s just something about a table set with team and cupcakes that makes me feel warm and cozy…


My daughter and I had a great time making our cupcakes, but we had a better time sitting down together to eat them, and drink our Lipton’s Amazingly Grey tea.  Lipton’s new Black Teas have bold aromas and unique flavors that put a twist on traditional black teas.  My daughter and I noticed how great the Amazingly Grey tea smelled (the kitchen already smelled yummy from the buttercream – so the two together = heaven!).  We really enjoyed our time together, and anything that helps me connect with my daughter is an A+++ in my book.  


I know that my daughter and I are going to be having a TON of fun trying out all of the new Lipton tea flavors.  You can check out all of the new flavors here.  Which one sounds best to you?

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  1. Rosie says

    Tea is a nice way to connect and bond! I’ve been getting near the bottom of my teas, especially with summer and ice tea, I’d like to try these!

  2. Lisa Ogle says

    I love Lipton tea and been using it for baking for years now. Try using different teas for flavoring the water when making oatmeal totally awesome! I also use black tea for Malt o Meal, it is really good.

  3. Jeanine says

    I love tea. It’s seriously one of my favorite drinks ever. I love Lipton I feel like they are much more flavorful than others I’ve tried.

  4. Rebecca Swenor says

    We love teas and this Lipton lemon ginger ones sounds so good. I will have to try adding the tea to my cupcakes which I have never done before. It sounds interesting for sure.

  5. Angelic Sinova says

    I’m not a big tea drinker but my mom is! She LOVES Lipton Tea. It’s funny because although I don’t like how tea tastes, I love the way it smells <3

  6. Krystal says

    The cupcakes are of course my favorite part. :) I need to drink more tea- I used to always have green tea in the house!

  7. says

    I haven’t tried this brand of tea before but my mom just loves it! I really need to whip up a batch of cupcakes with my little girls..what a great way to spend some quality time together!

  8. says

    I am a big tea lover and it is so nice to take a break from my crazy busy days over a cup of tea. Lately my four year old is into tea time as well so it’s really nice to bond over tea and treats together.

  9. says

    What a great idea to flavor a cupcake. I really like lemon ginger tea, though I’ve only tried Twinings (my fave) and Bigelow. It works really well to flavor kombucha, so I’d love to try it in cupcakes too!

  10. says

    It seems almost sacriligeous to admit this but I’m British and I hate tea. I always have though the rest of my family are normal Brits and drink tea like it’s going out of fashion. I’ll have to introduce them to some new blends.

    (BTW, your daughters hair is gorgeous!)

  11. says

    I shouldn’t be reading this before breakfast! I would love to have a cup of tea AND one of those cupcakes right this minute. Lipton is my favorite brand of tea!

  12. Victoria says

    Those cupcakes was look tasty and i want to try this lipton tea, i add this on my list when i’m in the market

  13. Maggie Branch says

    The Lipton grey tea is seriously one of my favorites! I drank it the whole time I was pregnant and it warmed me up from the inside out all winter long.

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