Influencer Marketing for Dummies Book Review

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As a blogger, influencer marketing is a big part of my life, so I was super excited to receive a free copy of Influencer Marketing for Dummies to review. As a blogger, I work with brands on a pretty regular basis – my blog is my place where I can express myself, but it’s also a business!  As a business owner, I have to balance which brands I’m going to work with – not only because I love the brand, but also for how easy a brand is to work with and how they value me as a blogger.  If I love a product, but a brand is difficult to work with or doesn’t value my work, there’s a good chance that brand won’t appear on the blog.

Influencer Marketing for Dummies is a great book for marketers who are looking to work with influencers – whether they be bloggers like me, or influencers who work solely on social media, like Instagrammers.    It has tips on finding great influencers, engaging with them, and keeping a great relationships with the best influencers.  

As a blogger,  I can say that I believe that their chapters on blogging are spot on – how bloggers want to be treated, compensated, and approached are key.  As Influencer Marketing for Dummies points out multiple times – it’s not just about the numbers.  I want brands that value me and that I actually believe in! 

I also learned a lot from the book.  My favorite parts were the examples at the end of each section.  I love looking at these to see how other successful bloggers are doing things, and I’ve discovered some great blogs!  

I highly recommend this book for anyone working in marketing, social media, or blogging.  It’s a quick, fun read full of useful tips that you can carry into your work!

As a blogger, what do you look for in a brand relationship? As a marketer, what are the things you look for most in an influencer? 


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Rosie says

    I’m not a blogger, and the whole process is a mystery to me. I was looking through the library for other books for “dummies” – these series are so good I love them they are typically right on, so I’m not surprised this one is, too.

  2. says

    I’ll have to check this book out. There’s so much to know and consider before deciding to work with a brand. So many brands want me to do free work for them, not realizing this is an actual business and source of income for me.

  3. says

    This looks like a great book to read for bloggers and those starting their own websites! I will have to check this out. Thanks for the great and informative post!

  4. says

    I have had bad experiences with some sponsors who could probably benefit from reading this from the sounds of it. I as well want to work with brands that appreciate the work I do and realize that I am doing work and not just receiving free products from them.

  5. says

    I am a huge fan of these books. I think they really do break down everything into easily digest-able material that really is helpful. I am going to have to check this out too!

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