Radio Flyer 25 Days of Giveaways & Build-A-Balance Bike Review

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Happy Holidays, everyone!  If you’re like us, you’re still scrambling to get holiday plans set, shopping done, and packages under the tree.  But this December, you’re going to want to take a few minutes to stop by Radio Flyer’s website!  If you have kids, or ever were a kid (:-), chances are you know Radio Flyer.


One of my favorite toys as a child was my little red Radio Flyer wagon.  Well, these days, Radio Flyer is SO much more than just a little red wagon (although they still have amazing red wagons!).  In fact, they will be giving away a FREE toy for 25 days straight from November 27th to December 21st!  To participate in Radio Flyer’s 25 Days of Holiday Giveaways all you need to do is sign up EACH day over at, for a chance to win the toy of the day! We are super excited to be telling you all about the prize for day 18, Radio Flyer’s AWESOME Build-A-Balance Bike.


The Build-A-Balance bike is meant for beginning bike riders ages 2 1/2-5 years old.  It has three ways that your little one can start learning the skills they need to ride a big kid bike, including walking, running and gliding with their bike!


The best part about the Build-A-Balance Bike is that it is fully customizable from the frame, color, and tires, to extras like streamers, a bell, and a custom nameplate!


And let’s face it, the streamers and bell is likely to be any kids favorite part!


And because it’s Radio Flyer, I know that I can trust this bike to be useful for years to come!  Is there anything more iconic under the Christmas tree than Radio Flyer?



And, don’t forget that you can WIN one!  Make sure to head over to Radio Flyer’s 25 Days of Holiday Giveaways EACH DAY to see what the new toy of the day is and enter to win!  Head over right know to enter to win your very own Build-A-Balance bike!

Which Radio Flyer toy would you or your kids be most excited to see under your Christmas tree?


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    This is perfect for young children. It will help them to learn how to balance before stepping up to a pedal bike. A very good product to teach children in a fun and effective way.

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    I have been really happy with everything we have purchased from Radio Flyer, so I’m really excited by this campaign and the chance to win a balance bike! I am a huge advocate of balance bikes versus training wheels for learning how to ride. Thanks for sharing the chance to win!

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    How adorable! I love that they are letting us personalize the items for kids! My daughter would love streamers and a cute little name plate! Going to head over to enter the awesome giveaways!

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    To have my own bike was my dream when I was a kid and well uhmm until now :) I used to borrow my older brother’s bike so I can learn myself how to ride a bike. It was fun and gathered pretty much small accidents way back then! This giveaway is so much fun! Great present for my nephew :)

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    I love Radio Flyer bikes. My son’s first tricycle was from them and he loved it so much, he rode it with so much pride. Now that he will be 3 by the summer I am looking to upgrade the tricycle and to get him a bicycle, since you know, he is a big bow now haha! This one looks like what I need!

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    We were not trained and taught how to ride a bike so until now, we have fear in trying to ride one. I think it’s great for kids in a very young age to learn the skills to balance. This is a nice present for them to enjoy this Christmas!

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    Man does this take me back! Isn’t this mentioned in a movie, maybe A Christmas Story? My old roommate loved little red wagons, so it was sweet when he moved to canada one of his BFFs from childhood got him a tiny mock red wagon to take with him. It’s fun how a brand like this can really build that kind of memory for people all around.

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