Phone Soap Keeps Your Holidays (or at least your phone!) Clean

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* I received a sample in exchange for my honest review.


Did you know that your cell phone is 18 times dirtier than a public toilet?  Ewww, right?  But think about it – everything we touch practically comes in contact with our cell phones.  Your hand on the subway rail. The office doorknob.  Shaking a friend’s hand.  ANYTHING your kids have touched.  And even if you are diligent like me, and wash your hands a lot, chances are that you very rarely if ever wash your phone.  And if you were going to, how would you go about “washing” your phone?  I “washed” my phone in the bathtub once and it ended in a $500 trip to the Verizon store.

Now, just in time for the holidays, is the solution – Phone Soap!  Phone Soap is a simple enough looking device, but what it does is REALLY cool!


​The PhoneSoap Charger is the first and only cell phone charger that cleans and sanitizes your phone in less than five minutes while it charges.  It also uses UV light to safely get rid of bacteria, and it the safest and most complete way to kill all the bacteria growing on your phone. It doesn’t hurt my iPhone, because it does not use heat, liquid or chemicals.  It’s also universal – it fits my iPhone 6 with tons of room to spare.


Using it is really simple.  You plug it into the wall, start it up, and in five minutes, your phone is sanitized.


If you want to charge your phone, you just put your charging cable through the pass-through port on the bottom of the device, and plug it in.  You can even charge and sanitize overnight, and it has acoustic outlets so you won’t miss your morning alarm! But most importantly – it’s effective.  Check out the before and after cultures – they speak for themselves –


So if you have someone on your holiday gift giving list that is health conscious, or pretty much anyone with a cell phone, Phone Soap makes the perfect gift.  It’s $59.95, and you can get it on Phone Soap’s website, and it is also available on Amazon!





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    Whoa! I’m super grossed out. I don’t know why I never considered how much I set my phone on a dirty table or even drop it on the floor and then immediately hold it up to my face! I’m glad you got me thinking about keeping my phone cleaner. I’ll be sure to check out the Phone Soap.

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    With the way that I am using my phone, I rarely have the time to really mind its sanitation! And I really should, much like what you said, bacteria can pile up there pretty nastily. So I would absolutely love to get my hands on this one!

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