New Year, New Goals? Here are 5 of Mine.

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I have been seeing the weight loss and gym membership commercials for a few days. It seems like these places ramp up advertising this time of year – every year. So, clearly I am not the only one who could stand to shed some weight or build some muscle. It all speaks to rush to reinvent or remake ourselves every January first. I am all for self-improvement, but why do we choose January to start these renovations? There is a first of the month literally every month. You can check.

OK, in the spirit of if you can’t beat them, join them I am going public with a couple of my gems to kick off the new year. My wife, who is much wiser than I am, eschews the process of resolution-making so it falls to me to bear the family mantle for new year improvement.

  1. No more sleeping in the recliner. When it’s bedtime, I am going to bed – I will not fall asleep to the television every night and then stumble upstairs to bed with the dogs at 2am.
  2. Exercise is something I will do. I am not going to run a marathon in 2016, but I am going to start off by walking everyday. Even on snowy days I can go to the mall or the grocery store and walk for 30 minutes. I reserve the right to revise this upwards as the year goes on.
  3. I will participate in at least 1 function as a parent volunteer at the kids’ schools in spite of the fact that it will probably lead to the death of our 14 year old daughter from acute embarrassment.
  4. I will remember to treat my wife like I did when we were dating. I was nicer then. I think this is a good one – and although we have to clean up after messy kids and deal with in-laws now, it seems like a solid move.
  5. I am going to find a hobby and then engage in that hobby. I used to be interesting. Now I am busy. In spite of the busy nature of life, I am going to get back into camping, hiking, or stick collecting. This will make me a more relaxed and happy person; that can’t hurt life on the home front.

So, there they are. Nothing earth-shattering. Still the experts tell us that writing down our goals makes achieving them somewhat more likely. Maybe it’s the act of thinking them through or the accountability of sharing them with you.

Do you make resolutions? What are some of yours for 2016? How did you do on last year’s list?


  1. says

    Lol, #1 cracked me up because I just had this discussion with my mom about her falling asleep on the couch, recliner, etc. She needs to add that to her list of resolutions, too!

  2. says

    Hahahaha your no. 3 is hilarious! Love it :D
    I haven’t been as actively involve in my son’s school because I’m a single mom who works full time and long hours but yes I wish one day I can embarrass him lol.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Jeanine says

    I think #3 is one I could use too. My younger kiddos love when I get involved and help at school, so I think it would be a great idea and would be good for me too!

  4. michele d says

    I really don’t make them but I do have small goals that I set for myself. That’s a great list of ideas. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. says

    I think the sleep resolution is a good one. It wold give you a better quality sleep. It’s also nice that you are working your way to be fit and be a better person.

  6. Ron Leyba says

    Great list of resolutions. I have mine too and two of them are the same like yours. Hopefully, we can both attain it before this year ends.

  7. says

    I love making goals and reviewing them every month and seeing what I have accomplished and what I still need to work on. Good luck with your goals, I will not be joining the gym but have started to eat more healthily and hopefully it will stick.

  8. says

    These are all great goals and I’m sure you’ll meet them. I wasn’t going to set any goals really but you’ve inspired me. I’m going to declutter for starters and get my apartment better organized so I can work from home with out the stress of clutter.

  9. says

    I love your goals and even though I haven’t set any, I’m thinking of reconsidering that. I need to walk more and eat healthier for sure, and use my free time more productively.

  10. says

    I have a list of goals for 2016 as well. OMG my issue is sleeping on the sofa. I get mad that we don’t fall asleep in our bed, I’m adding this to my goal list. Last night we slept in our bed for the first time this year. hahahaha

  11. Rebecca Swenor says

    These are really amazing goals for 2016 you have and I love your number 5 with getting back into hobbies. Last year I didn’t accomplish my goals. This past year with my mom almost dying more than once it really opened my eyes to what I have not achieved in my life. My main goal this year is to have more faith in myself so I will achieve my goal. Life is to short to be wasted on fear.

  12. says

    I don’t really make a bunch of resolutions. I normally do the one-word thing. I do like how you narrowed it down to five – so much easier than an entire page of resolutions. Exercise is something I need to focus on, too. There was a time when I exercised 6 days a week (before blogging).

  13. says

    These are some excellent goals for 2016. I am sure your wife will appreciate many of them, especially the one about treating her like you did while you guys were dating ;)

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