Get Your Family Game on This Holiday Season with Hasbro

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Tracking PixelGame nights are a part of our weekly ritual in my home. Game nights allow us to reconnect as a family away from technology and have fun together.  It’s a way for us have conversations in a casual and fun way.  You never know what you are going to find out on family game night, which is why I was super excited that Hasbro sponsored this post so we could check out all of the awesome games in the classic line of Hasbro Games!


I remember playing games ALL the time with my grandfather.  We created so many memories together playing Scrabble, Monopoly, and The Game of Life.  Now that he’s gone, these are memories that I treasure, and I hope that our family game nights create the same memories for my daughters.  One of the games that we played often, especially when I was much younger, was Hungry Hungry Hippos, so I was really excited when my girls chose that game, as they had never played.  I knew they would think it was a blast!


Hungry Hungry Hippos is a great, quick game when you don’t have a ton of time because you can play several rounds very quickly.  It starts with choosing your favorite hippo color, loading the marbles into the release chutes and letting them fly!


Then, you try to gobble up as many marbles as you can as quick as you can – easy and FUN!


There are so many different classic Hasbro games that can help you Get Your Family Game On, but there are also lots of other great ideas to use Hasbro games for – they make GREAT gifts.  These make awesome hostess gifts (you just became the life of the party), and games like Jenga make awesome stocking stuffers.  Plus, the games pictured above are very affordable, ranging in price from $9.99 to $19.99.  You’re sure to find a classic Hasbro game that someone on each of your Christmas lists will enjoy! Check them out today and Get Your Family Game On!

What is your favorite classic Hasbro game to play and why?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hasbro Gaming.



  1. Claudia says

    Hasbro makes such great games for any age group and brings back so many childhood memories :) We had a co-worker christmas get together yesterday and play Jenga … what a hoot lol

  2. says

    Sorry is one of our all-time favorite board games. We have Sorry tournaments too. Last year, I bought a new game in that smaller square box, and a vintage Sorry from the department store.

  3. says

    Oh my gosh, so many fun games and so many memories. We are slowly working our way up to real game play with my daughter … now that she turned 6 we hope it will get easier (though she still hates to lose). I think we all need to work on getting back to simpler, family time and games are a great way to do it. Thanks for showing some love to some classics.

  4. says

    I remember when my (now grown) children played Hungry, Hungry Hippo. They had the best time. We also played Monopoly, Operation, Twister and Scrabble. We now play many of these games with our grandkids. Hasbro makes the best games that span generations.

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