Give Back with Tees from Enjoy Essential

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Are you looking for a perfect Christmas gift, well, for practically anyone on your list? If so, you have to check out Enjoy Essential.  They have something for EVERYONE in their line of tees that are super sassy, comfy, and stylish.  They have SO many awesome phrases in their lines for babies, kids (boys and girls!) and women’s lines.  Check out some of their adorable shirts for kids!


They really do range from sassy to sweet!


We had the chance to check out one of Enjoy Essential’s tees this year, and we can say without qualification that you will be thrilled with the quality and comfort of these tees – and we were SO excited to find a quote from one of our favorite and best girl movies of ALL TIME on Enjoy Essential!


Although we are certainly not a house full of Mean Girls, we LOVE that movie, and now my teen has the PERFECT On Wednesday We Wear Pink shirt!!!


The shirt is super soft, and so, so cute.  But that’s really not even the best part.  This year, in our holiday gift guide, we’ve been trying to feature products that give back in some way, and Enjoy Essential fits the bill.  First of all, when you buy from Enjoy Essential, you are supporting a woman-owned small business. Creator Cady Boughtin started making iron-on onesies as a hobby at home, expanding to Etsy, and then eventually quit her marketing job to pursue the clothing business full time!  To this day, she still handpicks and designs each garment and personally packages every order. PLUS – she give’s back.  With every purchase, she makes a donation of hygiene and household products to a U.S woman’s shelter.

So this season, pick up a sassy gift for someone on your list (or yourself) and give back with Enjoy Essential! What is your favorite Enjoy Essential design?



  1. says

    I love that graphic tees are making such a comeback! As a fashion blogger, I’ve been slowly picking some up to add into my wardrobe and I love these ones! They are so cute and I love the font!

  2. Patricia Woolverton says

    These look super comfortable. I always wear t-shirts and I love ones that have cute and funny sayings on them. . I will wear regular T-shirts, but I find them boring sometimes. I love the caffeine one. So cute.

  3. says

    With Christmas just around the corner, this is the perfect time to do some last minute shopping and these Tees are perfect! I will definitely have to pick some up before it’s too late, thank you for sharing! :)

  4. says

    I haven’t heard of Enjoy Essential before but I am loving all the Tees they have, that ‘wednesday we wear pink’ tee is absolutely gorgeous even more so that buying supports another small business.

  5. says

    Those are all so much fun! I’m such a jeans and T-Shirts kind of girl, and so it’s great to find fun ones that really show off your style and your personality. I love that first one, and of course the Mean Girls reference is a fun one for all those who can quote that movie.

  6. says

    Thanks for an introduction to what looks like a great Tshirt company. I always love tshirts with fun expressions on them. It leaves people wondering right? Perfect stocking stuffer this year for my kiddos

  7. says

    What an absolutely fascinating idea! I haven’t checked out Enjoy Essential but I definitely will! I love the personalized messages in the tees. I can certainly think of a few girl pals I can give them too. Thanks for sharing this great gift idea!

  8. says

    These shirts are so incredibly cute. I especially love the little boys’ tee that says “My mom needs caffeine.” My boys would wear it proudly! It is so great when you can find a cute and quality product that also has a philanthropic aspect. Makes supporting that business an absolute pleasure, don’t you think?

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