Grab Perfect Stocking Stuffers from Debbie Lynn!

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* I received samples in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


For me, shopping for my kids main presents is often really easy – they are older and have a pretty good idea of what they want on their lists and to appear under the tree.  What is always harder for me is filling up stockings without completely breaking the bank! Stocking stuffers can add up FAST, and I’m not a huge fan of giving candy as a stocking stuffer as there always lots and lot of yummy treats in the house around the holidays.  This season, I was SUPER excited to get to check out some AWESOME stocking stuffable gifts perfects for kids and teens from Debbie Lynn. There were SO many cute things!

Check out these ADORABLE dice erasers – my teenager daughter is going to have a BALL with these dice with her friends (and they serve a functional purpose too!).  But even better, check out the price!!


Yep, $1!!! This is an awesome stocking stuffer that I KNOW she’s going to love.  Check out the High Heel pencil sharpener – my youngest, who is the fashionista in the family, is going to LOVE this!


I think my favorite item was this adorable pink turtle eraser.  It may or may not be living on my desk right this minute.


The best part about all of Debbie Lynn’s items that I reviewed is that they were all super affordable.  Most were $1 or $2!!  You can’t beat that and these are things that your kids will really be excited to see in their stocking! My teenager was super stoked about smelly highlighters and Post-Its, which she uses in her homework all the time – but these are SO much cooler!


To learn more about the products available visit Debbie Lynn’s website. You can find Debbie Lynn products at various retailers including Amazon, Kroger, Fred Meyer, Big Lots, and more.  And you can feel great about buying from Debbie Lynn – not only is it a woman-owned business, it’s owned by a pretty awesome woman – she has created and grown her business while still being an awesome mom with MS! So what are you waiting for – fill those stockings!



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    Pretty SURE I need that high heel sharpener for myself!

    This looks like an awesome site. I need to check it out for my children to see what I can find.

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    Those are cute ideas. I couldn’t believe how much stocking stuffers cost me this year. because I was filling two kids stockings, two cats and my husband…it was over a hundred bucks. It does add up really quickly.

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    Stocking stuffers do add up! In addition to gifts, I do stockings for all the grandkids and included erasers, too, to match each one’s personalities. These are all cute!

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