Smuckers Creates Moments for Daughters and Mothers

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* This post is sponsored by Smucker’s, but all opinions are our own.


There are not a lot of special rites of passage or times to sit and enjoy a formal moment of fun with our daughters with our busy schedules. Sure, there is the trip to get ears pierced or something along those lines, but I wanted to do something with my girls that really centered around something that would let us spend time talking to each other and listening to stories about each others days. Now that my oldest daughter has become a little obsessed with tea, I jumped on the chance to suggest a tea party for the girls before we headed out for an afternoon at the theatre.


Bre was kind enough to pour out the tea for us – I am thinking she learned this from one of the British shows on PBS, but I am not exactly sure. Once the tea was poured came the part that Katie and I were ready to get involved in! We had some awesome peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made with a variety of Smucker’s fruit spreads. We had so much fun remembering tea parties that I had with the girls many year ago when the tea was imaginary and the tea cups were plastic. It was fun to hear the stories that each of the kids remembered from those years.


For our ‘real’ tea party we used toasted bread and Smucker’s spreads. Whether the Apricot Pineapple or Raspberry, the flavors were all great of course.  We wouldn’t dream of using any other brand besides Smucker’s- you always know they are going to be good!

Also great was making more memories with the kids. We are thinking that adding the Mother-Daughter-Daughter tea party to our holiday plans every year is a pretty good idea. We may not quite be ready to don the white gloves and head to a swanky place to enjoy high tea, but I think we could get there with some practice and some more fun conversation!


Whichever direction the pinkies go, and whether the tea has one lump or two, as long as the food is as good as the girls’ stories I am always going to treasure our tea time. The oldest is out of here in a few years, and even the 4th grader willl be gone much sooner that I am ready to think about. So, hopefully we have launched a new tradition that will bring us back together to share stories, tea, and sandwiches with Smucker’s.


How do you create special memories with your family? How can you create a #MyPBJMoment with Smuckers?

Disclosure:  I am being compensated by Smucker’s for my participation in this campaign.  I am a member of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says

    I remember having tea parties with my Grandmother and she would have cookies. Smuckers is my family’s favorite, my son loves putting the blueberry on a toasted bagel :)

  2. Sarah Hayes says

    my daughter loves to eat pbj;s so we have lots of mommy daughter time making them. she loves to make them herself and its a great way for her to learn

  3. Up Run for Life says

    I remember having tea parties with my stuffed animals and mom. I would fix a snack and pretend my animals ate it. I would also enjoy conversation with my mom too. I miss those afternoon tea parties. :)

  4. Rebecca Swenor says

    This indeed was a very memorable way to share the moment with mother and daughters. When my boys were younger we would make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with Smucker’s Raspberry jam of course. WE would than pack them up with juice boxes and go to the park to play along with have a little picnic.

  5. says

    We are not so much fans of tea because we’re more of coffee lovers. I think Smuckers makes it easier for moms to prepare meals for their kids. There are only few kids I know who also appreciate drinking tea.

  6. says

    We love Smuckers- it’s the only brand I’ll buy! And I love that you had a tea party for your beautiful girls! It’s so nice to spend time together doing something out of the ordinary!

  7. says

    Instantly after seeing the name smuckers I smiled. I don’t think I’ve had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in forever but I do remember how great they tasted
    And I’m sure even better during tea party

  8. says

    I like smuckers especially the strawberry one. I haven’t tried other kind of spread yet but I will soon, I just have to finish what I recently bought. Another thing I love about is that I can spend having smuckers time with my family and just chit-chat on everything. It’s a simple bonding time but I’m loving it.

  9. says

    There’s always a few jars of Smucker’s Jams and Jellies in my fridge. I also love their ice cream toppings and their TV commercials are always so homey and sweet. I love Smucker’s and your tea party looks like so much fun.

  10. says

    I love Smucker’s jams and jellies they make the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I love the idea of cutting them to make sandwiches to have a tea party. Your girls are adorable what a great tea party.

  11. says

    Oh my gosh this looks so adorable! How fun! Kids love to have tea parties and to have an actual one is such a great idea! I’m sure this is a great mother daughter bonding time :)

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