Pick Up Pie Face for Your Family Game Night!

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* This post was sponsored by Hasbro as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received a complimentary product to facilitate my review.

One of our favorite activities with our kids is having family game nights.  We always on the lookout for new and fun games to add to our game choices, so we were VERY excited to get to try out a new Hasbro game, Pie Face!


This games is great because it is super easy to learn, set up, and it is a BLAST.  This will be a game that ANY age can play and will love.   The only thing you will need to play is whipped cream – and if you don’t want to use that there is a sponge that you can use that is included with the game, but we think that whipped cream is a must here.

The premise of the game is simple- you spin a spinner, put your face up to the mask, and turn the wheel the number of times that you spin.  You can choose to turn it less times, but you score less points. Here’s Katie ready to take her first turn.


The fun part of the game is that the hand splats you in the face at random times – one time it could take ten clicks and the next time it might take you only one.  So you never know when you’re going to get “Pie Faced”, so it’s really suspenseful, as you can see:


And you feel a GREAT sense of relief when you make it through unscathed!


But the real fun is when someone does get Pie Faced!  You can’t help but laugh, even if you’re covered with whipped cream! Check it out when Katie finally gets Pie Faced!

Check out this slow-motion video of my older daughter getting Pie-Faced.  It’s even dramatic in regular speed!  You just never know when you’re going to get Pie Faced!


So if you are looking for a holiday game that is fun for the whole family, full of laughs, and easy to set up and play for all ages, check out Pie Face!


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    My mom hadn’t seen the viral video of the game similar to this and seen it in stores. While it looks like fun, her and I both agreed too messy. PERFECT for outdoors lol

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      Ashleigh, you would be surprised – not that messy! A few paper towels and a face wash after and we were good. We didn’t even get clothes sticky!

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    I have seen a video of someone playing this on Facebook and it’s hilarious!! This would be a great game for the holidays and family get togethers!!

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    This would be a good game for kids’ slumber parties! I would suggest this to my sister. She is usually the host for her daughter and her friends sleep-over parties. The girls would surely have a lot of fun with this!

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