Logo Loops Make Great Stocking Stuffers

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Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer this year for your favorite lady?  Look no further than Logo Loops! Logo loops offers ready-made and customizable headbands that let your daughter, niece, or friend express herself! In addition to a TON of designs that aren’t holiday related, check out a few of the messages the girl in your life could be sending this holiday season:

Ho Ho Ho

I Love Snow Days

Snowman Face

I Believe

Santa Whale

I Love Cocoa

Peace Love Santa

I Love Santa

Santa’s Helper

fa la la la

The nice part about Logo Loops is that they are made of 90% cotton with a 10% Lycra stretch, which means they are washable AND dryable, and won’t lose their elasticity.  Plus, they won’t cause headaches, which, if you are my daughter, is a sure-fire way for an otherwise adorable headband to end up in the trash! They run 2 1⁄4” wide, the perfect one-size-fits-all.


Check Logo Loops out – they are VERY affordable and will be a hip gift that will make you a hit with the girls in your life!  Check on their website for stores you can see them in person, or order them online!  Make sure to check out their selection of sports and activity based headbands, like this one…


Older girls shouldn’t be left out too – there is a full line of sorority headbands, and this mama wouldn’t mind finding some of their Lodie Loops in her stocking – who doesn’t need a great slip-free headband for doing chores around the house or working out?

Which Logo Loops would you choose for the girl in your life?







  1. says

    I keep hearing about these. They look really cute! I don’t think my daughter would keep one on her head yet (she’s 3), but I will have to get her some when she is older.

  2. Angelic Sinova says

    Those Lodie Loops are super cute. They would definitely be great stocker stuffers. I love that you can personalize them <3

  3. says

    I love these. I’m fairly sure my daughter would LOVE the God is my Anchor! She’s not only the lead officer for LIFT (Living in Faith and Truth), but she’s also in the Anchor Club, so this would fit her so well!

  4. says

    If I only had a granddaughter! I have all boys for now, but these are the cutest headbands I’ve ever seen. I love them all, but especially the one with the Owl.

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