Disney’s Aladdin Diamond Edition is Just in Time for Holidays

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Disney’s beloved masterpiece will make your heart race and your spirit soar. Experience the laughter, adventure and Academy Award®-winning music (1992: Best Music, Original Song, “A Whole New World,” Original Score) for the first time on Blu-ray and Digital HD. And now Aladdin shines even brighter with never-before-seen tributes to the enchanting talent of Robin Williams, the “Genius behind the Genie”.

I don’t know what even needs to be said to hype this release. If you have kids, if you were a kid, if you have seen a kid then you know how incredible this movie is. I remember making my Aunt Opal roll out to take me and my friends to see this one when it first came to theaters. Thankfully, you won’t have to ride in a bright orange boat-of-a-car with Aunt Opal to get to see the movie with your friends and family this holiday season. The Diamond Edition is A-MAZING. We already had Aladdin on DVD, but this Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital HD Diamond Edition is pretty much like getting to know the characters again for the first time.


The Diamond Edition Blu-Ray Combo Pack Includes the Bonus Features:

Genie 101 – Our host, Scott Weinger (the voice of Aladdin), takes us through the various transformations of the famous (and formerly famous) celebrity references of the Genie.

Ron & John: You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me – Directors John Musker & Ron Clements sit down and discuss the experiences of their long-running partnership together at Disney.

Aladdin: Creating Broadway Magic – Join host Darren Criss as we take “a new fantastic point of view” at the story of how Aladdin went from a classic Disney animated film to become Broadway’s smash hit with Composer Alan Menken and others.

Unboxing Aladdin – Our host, Joey Bragg from Disney Channel’s Liv & Maddy, explore the Easter eggs and hidden secrets of Aladdin in this unboxing video.

Classic Bonus – ALL classic bonus from the original DVD release

DMA Exclusive:         

Deleted Song – “My Finest Hour” – Jafar takes the stage in this never-before-seen deleted song. Includes intro from Ron & John. (DMA exclusive)


If you pick up the DVD Edition, you will get to check out:

  • Deleted Song / “Proud Of Your Boy” (Original Demo Recording)
  • Deleted Song / “You Can Count On Me”
  • Deleted Song / “Humiliate The Boy”
  • Deleted Song / “Why Me”
  • Deleted Scene / “Aladdin & Jasmine’s First Meeting”
  • Deleted Scene / “Aladdin in the Lap of Luxury”


You really do HAVE to get this. I know that there are a lot of things competing for your entertainment funds, but how many of them are something that has lasted as long as our love of Aladdin? You know that you are going to have an evening to enjoy with friends and family, and that’s a great deal anytime of the year, but especially during the holidays.

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And don’t forget, for all of the details on Aladdin, you should definitely take a look at the Disney Movies Aladdin website today!  They also have tons of fun printable activities for your kiddos!


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    We did see this in the theater – and I so enjoyed it – also saw the play at Disneyland –
    Didn’t know there were deleted songs – I’ll have to get the DVD!

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    Now when I tell you that Aladdin is hands down my favorite Disney movie, I tell no lie. This is very exciting. Even the song with Jafar. Disney was a big part of my growing up and I wish to keep that alive with my children.

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    Wow, there’s so many deleted songs and scenes in here. For sure, kids would love to watch this. It’s great that these are available in DVD to avoid the packed malls and theaters during the holidays.

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    I love, love Aladdin and was so happy to see that they released the Diamond edition. I always wanted to be princess Jasmine when I was young. Though Ariel is my favorite princess but Jasmine is a close second! My kids loved watching the movie!

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    Oh, I have not see this movie in such a long time. Great movie! Thanks for letting me know it will be available for the holidays – just in time for the perfect stocking stuffer for my daughters. I didn’t’ even know there were deleted songs.

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    We loved this show and I remember watching it with my kids. It would be fun to pick up a copy and watch it with the grand kids. All the characters were so great and it was so entertaining to watch.

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    We loved Aladdin! We have several copies of the different Aladdin stories. I think we even had a video game at some point that went along with the story lines. So fun that they’re releasing all these “classics” on DVD again!

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    You know I have never seen the entire Aladdin movie…I know shame on me. I have seen pieces of it but not the whole movie. My daughter has never watched it either so we will be doing that this weekend.

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    Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney movies! I can’t wait to pick this up so that I can hear all the deleted songs! I didn’t know there were so many! This will be a great addition to my Disney movie collection!

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