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This is the perfect time of year to upgrade your home so that it can start saving you money. I have been interested in the Nest thermostat for quite a long time, but I hadn’t yet convinced myself to make the leap into current tech. Now that the 3rd Generation of Nest is available at Best Buy, the time has finally arrived. While you may have heard the term ‘programmable thermostat’ tossed around, the nest thermostat is so much more.

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You can definitely program the thermostat to accommodate your temperature preferences and schedules, but you can also let it learn what you want. When you use the Nest thermostat it keeps up with your temperature preferences and the times that you are making your adjustments. It can then anticipate your needs and regulate your home’s environment to make sure you are cozy warm or nice and cool. Because it avoids the big swings in warming and cooling, this regulation of home temps even has the potential to save you big dollars on home heating and cooling costs. It installs in minutes and includes pretty much everything you need to get going.

The day you are ready to set up your system, you will get a set of instructions and information from the Best Buy Geek Squad – it will be sent to the email or phone information you provide to make sure you have all of the support that you need to make this an easy and enjoyable experience.

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If you are in a household as active as ours is, then your schedule may depart from the norm with a little bit of regularity – this is where the Nest thermostat really shines. With an easy-to-install and easier-to-use free app available for download, you can make temp adjustments to your home while you are on the go. So, late night at the office and you don’t want to come home to a cold house, not a problem. You open your app and adjust the temperature on your thermostat. Then, you come home to a warm and comfortable environment.

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Around here the temps can change dramatically with little notice, but now we don’t have to shiver in the living room until the heater catches up with the cold. Even when we have been travelling for a few days and the cold has set in during our absence, we make a quick adjustment via the app and the house is much more welcoming at the end of the road. Plus, the system is expandable as this Nest product works with the other Nest products available.

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Because the nest thermostat at Best Buy does communicate with you via your home’s wireless network, you want to make sure that you have a great router in place to allow all of your wireless devices to function seamlessly and simultaneously. That’s why we have a Nighthawk DST-AC1900 Router and DST Adapter to accompany our system. The Nighthawk is from Netgear and is available through Best Buy to keep your home wrapped in quick access to your wireless network. Our house has 2 stories, so although our central router was centrally located it had the downside of leaving us with a couple of dead spots. Now that we have the tech of Dead Spot Elimination from Nighthawk and Netgear, those dead spots have vanished.

The setup on this was super easy and the installation of the adapter required absolutely no software downloads. It set up in minutes and having the expanded capacity of the Nighthawk DST-AC1900 Router and DST Adapter from Netgear has our home equipped with plenty of capacity to allow our devices to work beautifully without the lag that we had noticed when multiple devices were running simultaneously. Given that we are likely to add even more wireless-enable devices this holiday season, now was a perfect time to upgrade our capacity to handle them. It is built to handle up to 10 devices, so it won’t even let you down when the relatives and friends drop by around the holidays.

Another option from Best Buy that you might want to check out for your family is their sling television promotion. This streaming is available free for 30-days when you set up an account, and then continues at a base of $20/month with options to add on additional channels to round out your experience. Because you can stream it through so many outlets (tv and video players, tablets, Xbox One, and more), you can enjoy it at home or on the go! If you have an active lifestyle or are looking for a way to cut out cable and build a package that has only the channels you want, this is a solid step in that direction.

There is a lot going on at Best Buy, so check them out. With their knowledgeable staff in store and the online, on-phone, and at-home help from Geek Squad they are ready to hook you up with all the tech you can handle! Plus, with the holidays fast approaching they are definitely a go-to spot for everyone on your list.


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    We have two nest thermostats in our home and we absolutely love them! We purchased them a little over a year ago and they have helped us keep our energy costs down because they are programmable and can be set from our phones. A nest is a great investment.

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