Halloween Reads: Ava the Monster Slayer

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Ava cover

We all know about the history of boys slaying dragons, rescuing villages (and damsels), and totally hogging all of the glory and accolades – well move over fellas, here comes Ava the Monster Slayer on a quest to save her beloved plush piggy from the monster in the dryer in the basement.

When we do story time, I do as many voices as I can think of to bring each character to life for our daughters. We read this one as a bedtime story 2 nights ago and the story was so much fun that she was rolling around on the bed in laughter. With each new roar, or exclamation from the book, the laughter refreshed itself and by the end of the read we were all full of giggle and cheering on Ava as she fought her way to the basement to rescue PIGGY!

Spoiler alert – There aren’t any terrifying things along the way and this is all about that powerful voice inside that pushes us to face our fears whether they are real or perceived in order to find our love – or our piggy. Ava is brave, sincere, and imaginative. She is a strong character that kids can really connect to during the story and cheer for as she closes in on her goal.

Written by Lisa Maggiore and illustrated by Ross Felten, there is a real kid quality to the character of Ava and no wonder since Lisa based Ava off of her own daughter. I think our kids pick up on that level of authenticity and they know what Ava means when she talks about rescuing Piggy. I loved the outfit Ava selected to go in search of Piggy – superhero cape and sword, pink rainboots, and a sparkly princess crown. This is one of those moments when you look at your own child and remember her tendency to sparkle up with a crown when doing important work!

The book is recommended for ages 3-6, but you can easily stretch the upper end of the ages during this season of monsters. Ava the Monster Slayer is available as a hardcover from Sky Pony Press, and as an ebook. It’s on sale now and if you don’t have it on your October read-together list, hurry up! Ava and Piggy are waiting!


  1. says

    This looks like a very fun read! I think my daughter would still love it even though Halloween is technically over – she’s still celebrating like it’s not!

  2. says

    I think this book would be great for story time with kids indeed! I personally used to hate it when my father did different voices for each character in the books he read to my sister and me, but my sister loved it.

  3. Kathy says

    This sounds like a great book. I wish my girls could read more than they can now so they could read this one. They love books like these that are Halloween related.

  4. Rebecca Swenor says

    This sounds like a great read for little ones. I too used to change my voice when reading to my kids and feel it makes the books more interesting for the children. Ava The Monster Slayer sounds like a great gift idea for my niece’s kids and my sister.

  5. says

    This is adorable!! I have apiece who is obsessed with “monsters”, “dragons”, and “scary stuff” and I think she would love this!!

  6. ROsey says

    We didn’t read any Halloween themed books this year. First time in a long time. Boo (as in thumbs down, lol, not as in ghostly boo). ;)

  7. says

    I think this book is a great resource for kids to expand their creativity and imagination. The storyline sounds interesting and the book is fun to read.

  8. says

    Story time is one of my favourite times of the day. Snuggling with the kids and sharing an adventure is always memorable. That book looks like one my kids would love!

  9. says

    This sounds like a book my girls would love to read. This is such a cute looking book and it’s perfect with Halloween just having passed.

  10. says

    This sounds like a wonderful book that my kiddos would love. I love that it’s not your typical boy fighting the monster or dragon, etc., but a girl! Woohoo!

  11. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    That sounds like a great children’s book. I think my youngest would really enjoy reading this :)

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