Monkey Kingdom: Educational and Fun for the Whole Family

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It’s no surprise that Disney® is out with an instant classic sure to warm the hearts of kids and adults alike even during this chilly season. Monkey Kingdom is the latest offering from Disneynature Studios (Chimpanzees and Bears) is a spectacular tale set among ancient ruins in the storied jungles of South Asia. Maya, a clever and resourceful monkey, finds her world forever changed when she welcomes her son Kip into her colorful extended family. As Maya strives to keep Kip safe through unexpected and sometimes perilous adventures, amazing footage captures all the magic and surprises of their magnificent world. Maya and her family will make you laugh and warm your heart as she realizes her dreams for her son’s future.

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I think that the thing that made this especially interesting for our family is the story aspect that emphasizes unique family bonds and experiences. The kids really enjoyed the behaviors of the macaques, while the grown-ups marveled over the scenery and cinematography. “Monkey Kingdom” was filmed over the course of three years on the South Asian island of Sri Lanka. Located off the southeast coast of India and roughly a quarter of the size of Colorado, Sri Lanka features several UNESCO-designated World Heritage sites. These areas—like Egypt’s Pyramids or the United States’ Grand Canyon—have been deemed important to protect for future generations. Sri Lanka boasts rich rain forests, picturesque beaches and tea, cinnamon and coconut plantations, which—along with tourism—contribute to the country’s economy. The island is home to a host of wildlife—mongoose, hornbills, sloth bears, elephants, giant squirrels, monitor lizards, leopards and more than 250 types of birds, to name a few. I am not sure why I was surprised by the quality given that it’s a Disney® creation, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

In order to create a complete experience for kids and families, the disks and website contain bonus materials like you would not believe. From games, quizzes, mazes, and word finds to interviews and bonus footage it really is an opportunity for an immersive experience in true Disney style. To top it all off, Tina Fey lends her voice talents to the film and makes the fun even more accessible. It really is a production you won’t want your family to miss.

And, to join in the fun even more, grab some adorable activity sheets for you and your kiddos!  Just click the button below!

Download Monkey Kingdom Activities

The movie is available now, and would make an incredible holiday gift if you can keep it wrapped for that long! Learn more about Disneynature Studios Monkey Kingdom here.

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    This looks like a great production. I’ve always loved to watch monkeys and I know my grands will love this movie. I’m impressed that it took 3 years to film and that the website contains bonus material as well.

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