Kick Your Game Day Up a Notch with LiDestri Bloody Mary Cocktails

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If you hadn’t noticed, my TV on Saturday could tell you – it’s FOOTBALL SEASON!!!  College football and pro football seasons are in full swing, and football is one of the reasons that we LOVE fall!  Is there anything more fun than game day parties and tailgating??  We love, love, love getting together with friends for food, fun, football, and of course, a few cocktails!  Because tailgating often starts early (especially for morning games), sometimes beer doesn’t get it done.  One of our favorite morning cocktails for game day parties is a Bloody Mary.  However, if you’ve ever made a Bloody Mary before, you know they can be a little bit complicated and time consuming, and who wants to miss any of the game???

LiDestri Cocktail has come to the rescue!!! LiDestri is the FIRST Bloody Mary cocktail to enter the US market with alcohol already mixed in!  I was SO excited to find these at Walmart, by the alcohol mixers.  But don’t call LiDestri Bloody Mary a mixer – no mixing required here.  And, if you grocery shop at Wegman’s, you can also pick them up there, so chances are you can find LiDestri near you!


Yes, you heard me right…no mixing…this is a Bloody Mary cocktail that you can drink right out of the recyclable pouch, which has a push button pour spout.

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Are you hanging with me here?  How perfect is a pre-mixed cocktail that you can tailgate with (no bottles, no breakage)???  Awesome, right!!  There are two flavors – traditional and Spicy Bloody Mary.  We tried the Traditional and it was SO good.   When we are having a game day party at home, we like to make our cocktails just a little special, so here’s how we jazzed up our yummy Bloody Mary.  Start by frying up a few slices of bacon (these are so good in the morning!).  Fill a glass with ice, and use the amazing spout to fill your glass with LiDestri Bloody Mary Cocktail.  Leave a little room at the top as you fill…

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Once you’ve filled your glass, put a splash (or a shot, if you’re adventurous) of your favorite Lemon flavored vodka at the top.  I don’t like to mix it in, as it’s fun to get the sweetness of the lemon right off the bat, but you can mix it in if you prefer.  Then, garnish with a yummy, salty slice of bacon!

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How easy and fun is that!  If you’re tailgating, just pre-fry your bacon and pack it along – you’ll be the hit of the party (who doesn’t love bacon??)  And feel free to stock up – LiDestri Bloody Mary cocktails are shelf stable for 9 months!  So if you forget it in the back of your golf cart or picnic basket, chances are it will still be good when you go back!  My husband certainly enjoyed his! LiDestri will definitely be on ALL of our game day shopping lists!

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Visit LiDestri to get more delicious Bloody Mary recipes for your tailgate and football parties!  What are your favorite Bloody Mary mix-ins?




  1. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says

    I love how easy these are to make! Not great for game day parties, but what about brunch? Bloody Mary’s are really great for every celebration! :)

  2. says

    I’ve been wanting to try a glass of Bloody Mary cocktail. And I think the best time to have it is on Halloween. I’m going to make sure that the hubs would not miss it this time. :)

  3. says

    I’ve never had a bloody mary, so I am not sure I’d like this but this looks just fantastic and I’d love to serve it at a party, I’m sure it would be a hit!

  4. says

    The perfect time to try new cocktail recipes and new alcohol drinks ;) We’ll be hosting party this upcoming holiday season. I’ll make sure to try this brand

  5. says

    I’m usually hesitant about pre-packaged/prepared drinks. Base on your review though, it looks like this is something I need to look into. I love the little spout built into the package.

  6. says

    What a creative way to take a Bloody Mary to the next level! I love the addition of the bacon – what a tasty addition. I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for the LiDestri Bloody Mary pouches next time I’m shopping! #client

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