(Impractical) Jokers Season 3 Now on DVD

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There are basically 2 types of people in the world: fans of Impractical Jokers on truTV, and people who haven’t seen it yet and so have not had the opportunity to become fans of the funniest show on television. I am almost jealous of those of you who haven’t seen it yet, because the joy you will shortly know is AWESOME!

The show is a hidden-camera series that follows around four real-life best friends as they dare each other to do the most ridiculous and hilarious things in public. The stunts, skits, segments or whatever else you want to call them are so funny. What makes the show even more authentic and awesome is the reaction of the completely unsuspecting public that gets caught up in the shenanigans – yeah, shenanigans. Check out this deleted scene from the Third Season to get a taste:

The show has been on since December, 2011, and thankfully shows no sign of slowing down. The 3rd Season premiered in 2014 along with some new post-show footage of the guys talking about their favorite moments and behind the scenes information.

The episodes on the Season 3 set are hilarious. You will fall apart with laughter and while not all of the skits are appropriate for your elementary school kids, high schoolers are safe to have around while you are watching. If you have someone who loves to laugh, is a complete clown, or just really knows how to embrace and exploit their friend’s insecurities on your gift list this season, grab this DVD set now.

If you haven’t met Q, Sal, Murr, and Joe – you are going to love this. Plus, if you throw this under the tree as a present, you are totally going to win the holiday gift-giving award. Join the guys and find out why I can’t bring myself to ever pass up an episode of Impractical Jokers whenever it’s on truTV. Sure, the guys aren’t attractive or even especially bright, but they are so funny. Hey, their from Staten Island, what else do you want?

The DVD Set includes all episodes from Season 3, commentary, feauturettes, and deleted scenes. With a suggested retail of $24.98, you definitely have hit comedic gold. Enjoy, then come back and tell me which episode was your favorite. Would you try any of the stunts with your friends?

AND, one lucky Parent Palace reader is going to have the chance to win Seasons 1-3 of Impractical Jokers!


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  1. Lisa V. says

    I am a fan and like how the guys use each others fears or taboos against one another. It’s great to hear their laughter.

  2. Terra Heck says

    Impractical Jokers is one of my favorite shows. I’d love to add these DVDs to my movie collection to watch and laugh when I want. Thanks.

  3. Bri says

    Impractical Jokers are super funny and I try to watch it when I can catch it on TV. I hope I win the giveaway so I can watch it anytime.

  4. says

    Am I the only person who has not heard of this? I love to laugh, so I don’t know why this hasn’t crossed my path. I’ll have to catch up – looks like a great series.

  5. says

    I am also a huge fan of these crazy dudes! Laughter is the best medicine out there and they definitely keep me laughing! I would love to win this awesome set!

  6. says

    I would love to win, because we have been fans, since season one! This is the type of show that you can really go to, when you’re feeling down, to change your mood. So hilarious!!

  7. Danielle Jones says

    I haven’t watched it, but my son loves it. I hear him and his friends laughing like crazy while watching it, so it must be good. I think this would make a great Christmas gift for my son. I just hope he isn’t getting any ideas from watching it…lol

  8. Ashley C says

    I want to win because I love Impractical Jokers, but so does my husband! It would be a great birthday present for him!

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